May I please have a reading

  • Hi everyone, It has been awhile but now I am back and doing a thousand times better:) I had to leave this sight for a while intake all the things good and bad that were said and reflect on them MYSELF!! I learned alot and have opened my eyes to wake up a bit... I am doing good my son will finally be home this weekend for good and me and my husband are doing ok since the womens baby was born and I am hoping to be in his life. All is ok here and hoping it will just get better. I had to work through things making my life better for my family and all. I just would like to know if I will find a job soon?! I would also like to know how things will play out for me the rest of this year!! Thank you to all the kind and generous people who have helped me through all these trying times and I hope nobody is upset and if I did affend anyone I am truly sorry!! Thanks again. Jen

  • please, I would truly appreciate it

  • Yearly readings are no good becuase things change and choices effect longer term outcomes. Your conscious input wil effect your job and choice. You can get a job today but what is your standards? You may have to get two or get one or may not at all.......its your will....lessons of patience also test you on self treatment and balance during times of stagnance or non action, to test how you conduct yourself without someone elses (job) structure or schedule. How can you conduct yourself to reach higher self understanding leadin g you to a better can you use this time to goal set and stratagize a path, what are you trully, what career path will allow your true self to unfold?

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