Helpppp he wont leave me alone!!!!!!!!!PSYCHICS ONLY!!

  • Ok to make a long story short,the cancer guy came back again !!!!!! Now the kicker is I really left him alone for 4 months and all you physhics should know Im being truthful I just left him I COULDNT TAKE ANYMORE !!!! I realized you guys were right so I left him didnt answer his calls or text for 4 months and then I finally answered him today by accident because he called blocked ughhhh!!!! Anyway he said he missed me and asked did I miss him I told him no blah ,blah, blah o.O....ANYWAY my question is could he have changed by now should I give him another chance because I really havent met anyone worth while anyway so would it be wrong to give him another chance ??????((((his bday is july 6 1988 mines june 5 1987)))) AND CAN U TELL ME WHY HE WONT LEAVE FOR GOOD

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  • "If you really want to get rid of him tell him to F-off. Us cancers will hold out hope as long as you are willing to allow it. If you really want him to go away, you may need to be a total **** to him."

    Yes that works indeed.... that's how i got rid of mines been 2 months haven't heard a peep out of him 🙂

  • Dear Hotvirgo. I feel it would be going backwards if you were to give this person another chance and I feel you know this deep down. Has he changed? No he hasn't but I feel you will have to see for yourself to believe he hasn't changed.

  • Oh dear, is this the Cancer that put you through hell? No, no, no... don't go back there if you can help it. Trust your instincts on this even if you feel lonely.. . 😉

  • Ok thanx to all of you for your replies i dont want to find out if he has changed i would rather not go back down that road again plus lately i havent been feeling up to dating or even communicating with a male unless we are in a public place I just have no interest in them anymore i guess.....@cancerman i will take your advice and be a total bitch to him @ gemmie hehe thanx that gives me hope @sashamoon your right i also feel i would be going backwards @gypsydreams my instincts tell me noooooo so yah maybe i was feeling a little lonely that day .

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