New Construction House needs help with address

  • I just built a new house and I have two addreses. I live in a gated community in PA. One address is the physicall and starts with the number 22, when I heard this aand looked it up it was death, the other is 736 which is a mailing address that I use more often and is beter , becuse I am bor 11-7-52 this may work out, but since I have been in the house I have had truble holding on to money. The house is beutiful and sits on a lake that is spectaular. It is in a country club. but nothing is working, loks are breaking, the builder has gone bankrupt, I hav a new job and can not sell my other house whic is a 789 number, I am at a loss and need some help. I need a Feng shiu master to come here and hel me ge this together , how do I find one right away/

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