Is this my place to stay?

  • hello, and thank you for reading this post

    If anyone has some time to grant me a reading for this question.

    i been thinking a lot about my near future. I currently live in a small town (for the past 2years) I dont like it at ALL. In my mind the best choice would be to stay for the next 4 years untill my son finishes high school. My heart tells me another thing, im not sure if its because i cant stand it here or because its my gut telling me to move away from this town.

    oh by the told that this year i will maybe get engaged or married. does that have to do with any of the choices i make? or is that proposal after i deside if i stay or move out of town.

    thank you. i just feel i need guidance bc this town is killing me..

  • According to your numerology, 2011 is a year of big changes for you. It is a year where moves and changes of residence are most likely to occur. This year for you, change represents big opportunity. Your son will not be happy unless you are.

  • thank your Captain for your reply 😃

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