Capricorn vs. cancer

  • I am a double capricorn with the moon in Aquarius. I was friends with a cancer since I was 16, years ago. Cancer married my ex-husband five months after I moved out. My ex always said she was jealous of me but I didn't believe it. I cannot seem to get past all this. I was born Dec. 23, 1949 and she was born June 25, 1950 has an aries ascendant and moon in scorpio. She was the best imitation of a nice person that I ever met. My ex is a taurus. I have been living in my own personal hell for years and nothing seems to help. I cannot find a job, I am living in a town that I dislike immensely, I am sad........profoundly so. I never liked to control others just myself. How do I move on???

  • I had a cancer friend who did that to me as well with my ex husband! She was obviously jealous of my lifestyle and even now she is oblivious to the hurt she caused....I know it takes two to tango but somehow my friend's actions all seemed pre planned and not just innocent "falling in love". My ex married her too.

    How do you move on? Well, you've made the first step by writing on this forum...there is a wealth of wise and supportive people who will listen and can give you a lot of friendly advice. Is there any chance you can move to a new place? You may have more luck finding a job in a new place? Is there a ladies club or a sports club or do you have hobbies that you can pursue to take your mind off what has been going on....concentrate on developing your independence maybe....

  • rnchick, Astrology always has good things to say about cancer women.....makes one wonder. It seems that my double capricorn self cannot find a job, no matter what I do. My ex is the one who had the money...........I have never had any money, on my own. I would just like to make a living. I am isolated in a small town and I am tired all the time. Jupiter in capricorn did not help me and now jupiter is in my second house but have not noticed any difference from 2006. I am not a quitter but I am discouraged about where life has taken me.

  • Sorry to hear about your ex-friend and husband. I'm a Cancer woman and usually this happens to me. I do not think all Cancers are the same, or for that matter any sign, that is why I prefer Vedic Astrology. Sadly, you have to know the exact timeof your birth, for an astrologer to calculate, what the position of the planets were at the time of your birth.

    I too, like you and mrchick, find myself surrounded by people (friends, relatives, who somehow always end up stabbing me in the back). When I look at their signs - well, they have been so many, that they cover all the signs. In hindsight, it is my own fault, for being naive. My plan, moving forward is not to trust anyone. I think everyone has a double side to them, the public face and the private face.

    Good luck to you. Hope everything works out for you!

  • this reminds me about some cancer people that I am close with (well, was). I made a list and guess what, I have caught 5 out of 8 cancerians either talked bad about me behind my back or in front of me. I have had a lot of bad experiences being stabbed in the back. the signs that I know have done this to me are librans, taureans, pisceans and of course cancerians. You will see a lot of good things said about these signs more than scorpions. Which is strange because scorpions don't wear their hearts on their sleeves (this is what I read) I would think they are the back stabbers and yet my personal experience has shown me they are the least to have done such thing. Have you read that Camilla and Lady Di are both cancerians? I guess these people are more go getters than leos. I don't have many capricorn friends, but my hubby is a cap, although it's frustrating to live with his rules and ambition he is reliable and always keeps up with my pace and mood.

    Based on my experience I have learned to be detached, which is not hard since my rising sign is scorpio. take everyone's word with a grain of salt. trust your instincts, not people's words. you sure have developed this instinct because of what you went through. keep working on your life goal, relocate if necessary. that way you are always busy and not stuck in the past. Connect with people as much as you can, I do that by chatting and joining forums. I am careful with personal information, but I also have met a few wonderful friends that way.

  • I am a Capricorn and one thing I am loyal to a fault; but sometimes it not really a good thing. Most cancerians aren't that way that I have met in my life; but I would look at what is in there 5th house of love affairs and Pisces this is were they are chameleons and show you what they perceive you and want you them to see. Pluto is in our sign and it means there is going to be major changes about you even if you don't want them. Being a double Capricorn it also means you really need to be careful you don't dwell on the negatives and become too depressed. Capricorns really need to be careful of this.I lost my job of 8 years and a great salary. I have decided to get up and move my life to a world were I will thrive both Finacially and emotionally stable. and will be true to my self. You must take this time to reinvent yourself; and let the past remain in the past. Learn from it don't dwell on it. If you want a better life you need to move to area where all you houses shift and work to your strengths Hey I know it not going to be easy; but think of what they will say when you reinvent yourself and come out smelling like a rose. Many place will help you relocate if you ; and if you didn't sue your ex with alimony see how that flies ; and the stealling cancerian.

  • Hi I am a cancer woman too and i have to apoligize about what happened but not all cancer woman are like that. its funny i fell in love with a capricorn not too long ago.we were going out for awhile and he broke up with me on my birthday.two weeks later i found out he was cheating on me with sum other chick and they started to go out three days after we broke up...happy birthday!! but my point is that alot of people who back stabb u are the ones that know they can reguardless the sign if ur too nice around the edges people will take be honest u guys should be mad at ur ex husbands because their the ones who pledged loyality to u. not saying that the cancer was right cause she wasnt but if u seen she was jealous you should of never gotten that close

  • Well.... as a Capricorn woman myself, I've been cheated on as well --but by a Gemini, not a Taurus! My Taurus brother & I tend to either argue or just hang out (and with both me & my Aries mom having Scorpio rising, well)....

    Excuse me for being my practical self, but perhaps you should consider a new job in another town and move there? That way, you're not haunted by the past, and when you feel ready to, you could come back and visit to remember some of the good times you had. After all, Life is full of Lessons --and it sounds like you're in the middle of one.

    Just my dime's worth; I wish you good luck!

  • I'm sorry this has happen to you but not all signs are alike. I'm a Cancer and I would never ever think about hooking up with one of my friends boyfriends or a relative husband or friend. I'm loyal to my family and friends and would never cross that line. I wish you well.

  • Thanks for all the advice from all of you. I think I have forgiven my old ex cancer friend, hope so, I am still trying to find a job here and lost out on one I really wanted. Its a different world in so many ways than the one I used to live in. If I can find the funds I will move from this awful town and hopefully, live again. I am sad because I no longer trust........I used to trust all and this has colored my choices, thinking and maybe even my luck. So far, Pluto in Capricorn has not helped me at all.........planet of transformation Who knows? Maybe I will win the lottery or die trying.

  • Hang in there cap! dont let one cancer cause you not to trust...

    in my experience with cancers, even though they are kind, gentle and sweet, like all signs, they have a negative side....

    unfortunately, we often don't expect this side of them until its too late because they are so sweet and its usually a shock...

    i have been bit by the crab alot...and as caps we kinda hold people to high moral standards, and expect people to act a certain way in situations...

    i've learned that people's life experiences make them who they are...and people are going to do what they do...the way i win, is i turn it into a life lesson for myself....

    with jupiter and pluto in cap i expected great things as well...i also moved to a new town only to be broke and wondering why i moved here in the first place...

    but i'm holding on to the belief that for us caps, our ships usually come in later in life...i sure hope so!!

  • I am shocked to hear these things about Cancer women. Three of my best friends (ive known two for 14 years and one for 9 years) are cancers and I just can't ever picture any of them doing that to me, or any other of our friends. Actually, in all the time i've known them, I've never heard them gossip. They just....don't do it. That kind of conversation is not for them. Actually, apparently a lot of people used to insult all of us TO one of my cancer friends faces, and she would always stand up for us and be like "ummm...those are my friends. Are you stupid?"

    Though, I have a friend who is always being back stabbed. But the thing is, she trusts people too easily. She gets along with someone and says 'thats a good person. i like her a lot!' but really, she doesnt know her that well. Then it turns out that girl is a psycho biitch, and she's shocked. It just happened to both of us, except I wasn't shocked because I never trusted this woman in the first place. But she really did, and so she feels like she lost a friend.

    Just be careful 😄

  • I am 38 years old and I've been educating myself about astrology since I was 16. I am a Capricorn, Gemini moon, Scorp ascendant. I have met and gotten to know a few Cancer females over the years. It starts out rather well in the beginning but every single time ends up with me swearing I will never ever try to be friends with a Cancer woman. It's not that all Cancers suck, it's just that Cap and Cancer women don't really feel or think or operate the same way on any level.

    Just be glad that as a Cap you can turn lemons into lemonade, mean what you say and can be trusted with just about anything...what else really matters anyway?

    A fellow capricorn,


  • Bluewatermamma, what you said is true. you can turn lemons into lemonade. My Cap husband does this all the time. he really is a down to business person, not overly emotional and always makes an attempt even if there isn't seem a way out. This is a good trait I learn from him.

    My opposite sign is Aquarians. I don't always see eye to eye with them, they are my opposite. but when we do see eye to eye, it really changes our views. so we will not be the best of friends, but I wouldn't avoid them or anything.

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