The Captain.. Finally Cancer Man give me i have to go or stay away..

  • Dear The Captain,

    I'm so thankful and feel bless for all the advice that you gave to me. I already asked to you on the other thread if were compatible and what you said on that thread was totally true and on going happen to us. I now confused to myself . I am silly last week and always teasing him to come and visit me and have some fun. But he answered me he has a lot of things going on and I hope I will understand his situation. A week after I message him if he can come and visit me he said not tonight but may be tomorrow. I am really after to see him but when I message him if his still interested to visit me he said . Sorry mate he can and I said okey and I am so disappointed and let it go. I honestly he never once messaging me or calling me if I didn't do the first move since we had a messed. So , I teased him again and he said to me that what do I want to him.He knows that I like him but instead of saying that I said to him I just want to be your friend. He said great his my friend.And his there for me but if I want him for fun or I need to understand it goes without the past this is 2011 so be me and be what i want or not at all. When, I'm asking him to visit me and he answered me that he has a lot of things going on. I bring up all the messed and the torturing moment that he did to me, he laid that while I'm going out with him he had a girl friend overseas and he never once explained everything why he did that to me instead .I have to sealed my mouth and spending time and no argue just relax.The problem is I still had feelings and I'm worried to control myself or I am thinking his trying to be polite cos I asked him why he hurt my feelings before calling names and swear he said to me that I am annoying him and totally pissed him off cos I keep asking him how come he lied and makes me believed that he never had any relationship. And he never ever explain it, instead move on and get over it. Lately he never once calling me names or swearing on me if I start questioning him.I honestly doing it cos thats the time he giving me attention if I'm doing something wrong that the time he had to say something to me and I told him that . He think that I only want him for fun but I'm afraid to tell the truth that I still care about him. I know that fact that he doesn't want a relationship and I was told his trying to rebuild his self to make a better person but I missed him and I never see him almost a month and the only communication that we have is sending messages. I don't know if he really want me to let him go and be nice to me for the last time and it will hurt if that's what he want . I am willing to be his friend . Honestly I don't think he will wasting time spending time with me as a friend or talking to me. He said to me that if I want fun I can easily get that cos I'm a good looking women .I said to him that you know that I never wanted to have fun with different guys and if I want that it will only one guy.Thinks that the guy may be scared if I said that.. I myself he will never ever sending me message for sure and I want this time waiting for him first cos I said to him let's leave it this and I will see you when I see you have a good night the only reply night Annie.



  • Annie, you have been given a lot of good advice here by several people that this is an unhealthy relationship, yet you keep ignoring that advice and going back for more abuse. We cannot help you any more because you do not listen. You must have no self-respect or love for yourself to allow someone to treat you this way. You will have to learn the hard way that nothing good will come of this relationship.

  • I'm sorry I'd always pushing my lucky till I lost myself respect there's nothing to him . I know give up and need to reflect myself I'm so annoying and very distracting in everything I do. It's not really health and had no self respect I need to rebuild myself and it's a hard work for me . Ill appreciate your being frank to me the Captain it makes me feel terrible and need to get back on my feet it's really killing me and everything is affected to me .

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