Signs or just coincidence?

  • Hello everybody, I'm probably over analyzing this but we'll see. Yesterday, February 19th, was my 25th birthday and I feel it was filled with weird coincidences or maybe signs? Me and my ex of close to 5 years broke up in August, talked lightly after for a month or two then I broke off all contact (she broke up with me). But on with the "coincidences" that have been eating away at me.

    She works about 5 minutes from my house but I see her driving or her car at work only occasionally, she works on a main road I need to take if I go south and she lives north on that road. Well yesterday on my birthday I went to the bank a few blocks down from her job to deposit money, I pulled around back bc my car was making a funny noise, popped the hood and checked it out etc. After I deposited the money I drove and sat at the bank exit waiting to pull out and there's my ex cruising by staring directly at me. The coincidence (or sign) was if my car didn't make the weird noise I wouldn't of stopped and then would have been gone before she would of saw me.

    Later in the day I met up with 3 of my friends and we we're driving around trying to find things to do. My one friend kept insisting we go to Barnes and Noble which nobody really agreed to but about an hour later we eventually decided to go. I felt a little uhhh because my and my ex used to frequent there often when we dated. So we get there and low and behold, my ex's car is parked. My friends said no way its not hers so we go in and there she is but she didn't see me, although my one friend texted her after and told her we saw her. According to my friend when she texted my ex she told my friend to wish me happy birthday for her. Coincidence because nobody really even wanted to go to Barnes and Noble in the first place.

    Next is later that night we we're bored yet again and when me and my friends are bored we put gas in the car, grab a coffee then just go drive and go where the roads take us, another thing me and my ex we're known for. The one driving didn't ask for a destination nor did I suggest any but he ended up driving the direct back road route me and my ex took to go to this mall we'd visit, and he doesn't know this way. The real kicker was we ended up getting pulled over and drove into a Hess gas station for the cop to do what he had to do....the same Hess me and my ex would always stop at on the way to the mall, another thing nobody in the car knew.

    I might also add one more that I thought was the weirdest that happened 2 weeks ago. I was with my one friend and as I was driving home late at night I was thinking a lot about how much I really miss my ex etc and as soon as I thought I really miss you, my other friend who was on tour with his band randomly texted me saying; "I miss you 2." From his point of view he meant me and the one friend I was with earlier because he always hangs out with us, but for all the things he could have said he picked that, which flowed with me thinking of my ex, to me at least.

    As I said I'm probably just over thinking everything because I really do miss her. I've been with girls since and I always just think that those girls just aren't meant for me and that my ex was so much more compatible with me and saw eye to eye more and she's still the most beautiful girl in the world to me. There's tons more I can say but this is already long, so any thoughts on these weird occurrences all happening on my birthday?

  • you seem sweet..................i believe in signs but i dont know the reason for trying to forget an ex just pretend its not happeing and see what happnes. If somethings meant to be it willl be


  • Im a pisces and my ex was an aquarius and sounds just like her..( i read your other posts)mmn im put off by them because they do what suits them with no consideration for your feelings .I htink you should move on snd find a nice water girl like scorpio or cancerian and a capricorn (not water but very cmpatible_

  • Believe me I would like to move on but it's hard to find somebody I want to move on with. I'm very modest and when I say I have no trouble finding girls that would like to be with me I mean it in the most modest way. It's just there's always something keeping me from wanting to be with them. The reason it ended is because of how much we fought about me not having a job (she can be selfish and thinks that because she found a job as a hair stylist, which I think isn't very difficult, I should have a job as easily) and she started to think I'll never grow up. It makes me wonder if there is a such thing as "signs" or everything happens for reason then maybe her leaving me was a way to get me moving more to find a job, or when I do find one she'll find her way back. Its just wishful thinking on my end whether it happens or not, I guess time will tell.

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