Do you prefer your sign?

  • Or do you think you woud prefer another an why?

  • I am a Pisces with my Moon in Gemini and Scorpio rising.. I like the combination! I think it would be cool to be an Aquarius or a Sagittarius, though.

    Aquarians are cool and so so versitile and Sagittarians are everybody's friend and always active...

  • I prefer my sign, I am a Scorpio. 🙂 Why do you ask, or are you just interested?

    what about you do you prefer your sign?

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • I am sagittarius and i love it. Like any sign there are the foundations of that sign build in, however i do believe that we evolve through the sign and create our own quirky edge. I am known for big foot in mouth syndrome, and hate that i can upset people with my words, but that side of my nature is strong as is my nurturing and caring side, would do anything for anybody, 'if i have it and you need it, its yours' kind of attitude.

    What a fab thread, a little self analysis going on for me.

    Thanks Red Petals

  • Oh geeez, I realized after I posted the topic that my entire question did not get posted. Don't know why but I will come back later with the questions I had. Thanks!


  • Okay RedPetals 🙂 Bee XxXx

  • Still a good thread starter, though 🙂 Interesting question! Like AB said, getting some self analysis going...

    Have a lovely day


  • I know my birth chart isn't the easiest in the world, but I like being me and wouldn't change anything 🙂 Sun - Leo, Moon - Scorpio, Mercury - Leo conjunct Pluto (Virgo) 🙂 Also have a T-square involving Sun, Mars and Neptune... but still wouldn't have it any other way 🙂

  • Very interesting to see most people feel happy about their Sun sign 🙂

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