Major Decision to make

  • HI,

    The Captain,

    I have a question for you. I have a big decision to make, it failed me last spring, but the opportunity has risen again. My Birthdate is 04/20/1970.

    I want to relocate, to purchase a home, and leave the place I have been for the past 14 years.I am tired! I need this all to happen this Spring, do you see this happening? Please describe to me what you see. What kind of house will it be? Thanks.

  • Well, this is certainly your year for endings and finishing up the old life in order to move on. But it won't happen all by itself. Do you have all the plans made about where you want to move to and are you looking at homes to buy in that area? What kind of place do you want?

  • Yes , I do have all the plans made, and the home picked-out, I am just so worried that I might be making the wrong decision. I have to build up the courage to make an offer on the property, I dont want to be let down again.

  • No, this is your year to finish up the old life and move on. It wasn't the right time before this. Go for it! If you don't get this particular home, you will get a better one. You are definitely going to be moving on.

  • Thanks, feels so good to know that the move is coming, major weight off of my heart. Do you see anything about a job in the new area? Or anything else that you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes I see you in a job in the new place, maybe something to do with jewellery or a market?

  • Great Thanks so much!!!!

  • Any other insights?

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