Our Cat is Sensing Something!

  • Can someone please give me some insight on this matter.

    My beautiful cat (whom I have always thought she is spiritual from the first time I laid eyes on her at the Humane Society).

    A month ago, out of the blue, jumps up on the dining table (she has never done this and is not allowed to go on the table) starts staring at the ceiling and meowing loudly and almost like talking non-stop, this lasted what seemed about 5 minutes. I did not think anything of it and laughed it off.

    The last few nights, she has started up again, but this time in my bedroom, same thing, she stares at the ceiling and meows very loudly, its like she is looking at something and almost talking to it.

    There is nothing in the ceiling.

    My 14yr old girl, is freaked out by this.

    Does anyone know what is going on here. She is the most lovable cat ever, and our other cat who is a talker hasn't done anything like this.

  • Try re-posting this in the psychic forum. We've been talking about dreams with cats in them the last couple of days. Maybe someone there can key in on what is going on.

  • Thanks, I am trying to delete this and start over.

    My cat was going through it while I was typing and she is just doing it again.

  • Also meant to note about the solar flare. It may have been the cause of your cats strange behavior but I would pay close attention to what is going on around you and ytour family/home as well.

    One other thing. Do a meditation tonight, to lay the white light of protection around your home and family. Think of it as a translucent white eggshell that surrounds your home in its entirety (even underground). It expells all negative energy from the home. (You can imagine them as dark smoky treads leaving the structure) and it also repells any negative energy directed towards your home as well. What is important about it, is that it not only doesn't hamper positive energy or blessing but it actually attracts them. They can be imagined as white (blessings) and pink (positive energy) sprinkles falling into your home like in a snowglobe.

    This will make your home protected from negative energy but will also infuse it with a calm feeling of love and comfort. It repells all negative emotions as weel so those who enter the home feel this calmness as well and those with bad intent don't want to enter.

    If you have some bad energy running around, this will get rid of it and your cat can calm down.

  • Thank you so much for the information you have given me.

    It is only one cat that is acting up, the other is content doing its own thing.

    I will definately do this.

    Thank you again, I appreciate your advice.

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