• Hi all, ive been trying to learn the tarot for a few years now ,i am still having trouble interpreting some of the cards together in a reading thats why i have started this thread a place to talk about anything relating to the cards .I have done a 6 card spread for my husband asking will he get a new job soon these were the cards that came out

    1. The Devil

    2. 7of swords

    3)The high priestess

    1. 6 of swords

    2. 5 of wands

    3. page of coins

    The devil , the 7 of swords and the high priestess does that mean that all is not what it seems when being offered a new job ? for example it could be to good to be true I was wondering what others thoughts are on this i would be grateful for anyones insight .

  • Maybe google online for learntarot dotty dots fotty potty dots com?

  • Hey CWB,

    Do you do Tarot cards ? maybe you could help me Ive read plenty of books on the subject just want to hear how others intepret the cards as there is only so much you can learn from a book and i dont have any friends at home who are interested in tarot.

  • aHM hum well i started out with em, moved to oracle cards n dfiscarded it altogether. in end they were more a hundrance than a help. mayb u could open a thread seeking likeminded tarotcard readers? like FELLOW TAROT CARD READER LETS HELP/ AIDE EACH OTHER.

    n see what happens?

    if i go back to the cards it would be u teaching me n not me teaching u lmao

    i would love to help but ..................... tarot really aint my tool babes. sorry




  • Ok no probs thanks anyway il see how this thread goes for a while as anybody can post anything they like about the cards here if it doesnt work out then il open a new thread .

    hugs right back at ya

    lots of love Mags oxoxooxoxoxoxo

  • Hi babe, I'll do a celtic druid spread for you later on with the same qu. and see what the cards give me. You could always gogle the meanings and use that gut to interpret. Didn't GreyStar already do this qu. for you already?


  • Whatever u want sweetie. U do as u feel is best 4 u n ur man. Im backing u up on ur choises.

    live love be


  • Thanks Sheelagh that would be great , yeah Greystar did a wondeful reading for me on the same question but i was just trying to get a feel for the cards again by asking questions to see how well i can interpret them . Its been a few years since i started learning them just finally getting back into focusing on them more now that little one is doing more hours at kinder .

  • Thanks Cwb i really appreaciate your support

  • I am just learning to do timing with the cards

    Swords/ days

    Pentacles/ years

    Wands / weeks

    Cups / months

    Has anyone else used this system before?

  • oh well thought people would be interested in posting about Tarot after all this website is called tarot .com

  • As Gordon Ramsey would say after a bad dinner service in hells kitchen

    SHUT IT DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aweeeeee mags, wish i could help...keep the faith sissy...someone, may spot this...i know alot of tarot readers are not around much any more...soon you'll be answered...

    love ya


  • Dear Shee,

    Nice to hear from you again i hope all is well ,all i wanted to do is to chat with like minded people who are interested in doing the cards that is the whole reason why i joined this site, its very disapointing .Oh and tell little K happy birthday i hope she has a good one .

    Lots of love




  • Oh no Shee you are not suffering with migraines again are you? I pray not

  • what do u need help with? what the drawn cards mean per se or the deeper dig dig deep meaning?

    if its the per se meaning ahm the link i mentioned might b a help. ahm or uhm see what the site has of meanings 4 the drawn cards.

    ok that sounds like no help but a ahm know it all reply UUUFFFFFFF EFFF DAAAAAAHHHhh...

    mmmmm ill follow Gordons shout from EFF kitchen ............. ye

  • Hey Cwb

    Thanks i am searching around for other forums where people are interested in learning and talking about the cards i was just interested in others opinions . Thanks for trying to help and for joining my thread it means alot

  • Yeah I started a couple of threads related to tarot subjects but it seems if it is not about relationships it does not get any interest. Pity.

    I did not know you could use the cards for a timeline. I pulled some cards yesterday for your hubby but the answers did not relate to work. I will send you an email later on.


  • ALWays n ya welcoMOE GUUURRLLFRIIIEEENNDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!


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