How long will this go on?

  • I am in the most awful situation, my brother is not letting me see my niece. I want to stress I have done nothing wrong and he is just in a bad place just now and taking it out on his loved ones. I've been a constant part in my nieces life since she was born and looked after her everyday. Now I can't see her at all. My question is how long will this situation continue? Do the stars suggest any turning point soon? Im a Capricorn with Virgo rising and moon and he's a very stubborn Aries

  • Your brother feels you are trying to take his place as the girl's parent. And I do feel you look on her like a daughter. You need to respect his place in her life even if you think he is wrong in his behaviour. He needs time with her to build their relationship. Trying giving him some attention rather than your niece. Your brother feels neglected and needs your help and understanding even if he doesn't show it.

  • Thanks Captain. I'll give that a go. Hopefully the stars are on my side x

  • The stars don't take sides because there is no exact right or wrong in this situation. You and your brother have both done good and bad things here.

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