Interpretation Please

  • Did my own reading however am not really understanding the results. My question was when or will I meet my soulmate.(significant other). These are the results, I used the horseshoe spread;

    1. The Hanged man

    2. The Moon

    3. The Emperess

    4. The Tower

    5. The Emperess

    If I were already in a relationship I might be able to decifer this but not being in one it is a little bit puzzling. Thanks for you input! Kat

  • I'm sorry, card number 5 should have read the High Priestess. Kat.

  • ok first card hanged man.

    you have been looking at this the wrong way if you have a change of perspective it may change you to be more positive. this could mean lots of different things. why do you need a soul mate at present do you think they are going to answer all your prayers. what about your ambitions?

    you may need to let go of wanting someone to be there for you and find yourself?

    let go of these ideals and you well find the person or you may put them on a pedestal and get disappointed and maybe not meet them.

    you are struggling with your path in life. are you putting all your luck down to a new person. even though the road is rocky you must carve your own path in life and only then will you know what you really want and desire.

    you would love to have children or nurture a new thing. you would love to give all your love to someone so you can make them grow.

    ahead of you is a transformation and you cannot stop it from happening it is for the better good. so if it gets tough for a while it is for a reason. it may make you look at life in a different way or it may shake you from the roots and make you do so. it is all for your good believe it or not. its the new you being transformed from who you are now.

    once you get over the shaking and insecurities you will have a new feeling to your life and be able to move on and see things differently. find yourself before you find your sould mate!!!!

  • Thank you for your reflections. Kat.

  • My question was when or will I meet my soul-mate.(significant other)?

    1. The Hanged man

    In the past, you may have been sacrificing your time for others, or others' needs always somehow seemed to come before your own needs. If so, then your life so far has been on "hold"

    and you have not been able to concentrate on finding or preparing for a soul-mate or love relationship.

    1. The Moon

    Also, maybe you have been a little confused about how to go about finding a soul-mate

    1. The Emperess

    You definitely has the power within you to have a creative, productive, and loving relationship.

    1. The Tower

    I think before that can happen, you will have to really take a good long look at yourself and take

    down some of the "outer images" you have build up about yourself. And just be the "real" you

    so you can attract a "real" true person into your life.

    1. The High Priestess (corrected to this card being drawn)

    You asked about "if" or "when" you would find your soul-mate.

    I believe that "when" is out of your control and in the hands of the Divine Creator and there is a perfect plan for your life if you follow a Spiritual path. The "if" part is answered in #4 above.

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