• The Fool - Crikey thats me! 🙂

  • Hi Rukargi,

    Thought id open this thread as well as the other one, i wish i was more like the fool carefree no worries, spontaneous doing things on a whim instead of being stuck in ruts and routines wouldnt it be great just to take off when you want to, no commitments or responsibilties to hold you back ? .Do you have the morgan greer deck? I am not sure on it i dont like the illustrations much it is along the same lines as rider waite but i find it doesnt matter whatever deck i use i tend to go back to the rider waite I am picking a card for myself each night before i go to bed to study for the following day and todays on is the ace of wands an exiting new project or career if only i wont be going back to work for a long time . I hope that it means new positive enegy coming my way i sure could do with some of that.

  • 🙂

  • When we pull the High Priestess card for ourselves or for a querent, it is an indication that we are in communication with the unseen forces. We must realize these unseen forces are greater than ourselves, and our ability to access this energy is a great responsibility. We must understand that we are all psychic, just as the Priestess. However, only those who respect the gift of psychic awareness and utilize the gifts and the knowledge beneficially that acquire the noble presence and demeanor of the Priestess.


  • Thanks Aunt buck for your insight its my favourite card as number 2 is my lifepath number .

    Do you have any other insight on tarot ? if so i would be very interested to learn more .

  • I am just learning it and I have found there are times the cards draw me near and other times, they definitely do not want to interact with me. :0) I am still very dependent on viewing definitions for each card and learning to put them together to view whole meanings. I stick with simple readings...usually pull at least 3 cards about a situation and then lay additional cards as I feel I need to. I have actually quit reading for myself because after I found out I can influence a pendulum...I worry that I can also influence cards. :0)

    After your post....I pulled the Ace of Cups for myself. Your thoughts?

  • I have been trying to learn them but have just started again after a few years break so i am in the same boat as you with the ace of cups it can represent a number of things of course being the ace there are new beginings and fresh starts, it can represent fertility , joy love, a new romance could be in the works , emotional fulfilment and happiness creativity . it can also be an indicater that your psychic ability will open up on a higher level then before and being a water card cups represents our emotions and psychic awareness.

  • Hey ladies,

    Depending on where the High Priestess falls in the spread, it can also mean that there is more information that is yet to be revealed (in other words, wait before you make a decision or act) and can also signify a single or celibate woman or a wise woman who can give you advice or counsel.

    The Ace of Cups is about new beginnigs in the emotional realm. It can be a new romance or the rekindling of love. It can also refer to creative projects, psychic sensitivity, or just emotional renewal. Once again, based on where it falls in the spread and how it relates to the other positions, I have also had it mean loss of love, unrequited love and betrayal in love.

    I am attaching these two cards in a deck I really like -- it is a watercolor version of the Rider-Waite - beautiful!


  • Hmmm...I like the idea of a new love but most likely a new project with me. I did find out one of my best friend's daughter's is pregnant and due in 8 weeks. I got to see her ultrasound this week so that could also be it.

    WG, as single cards pulled...it is the only position. I love both of your decks. I use a standard Rider-Waite deck. I've looked at others but haven't actually bought any other ones. While I'm learning I'll just stick with what I have now.

  • Hey AB - I didn't notice that you had pulled an Ace of Cups for yourself! I was just commenting on the card in general. I don't think it's about the baby -- that would show up as a page normally. I think for you it's about new beginnings on an emotional level or spiritual renewal. And, YES, it could mean that a new romance is on the way as well! 🙂

  • Hi all,

    Watergirl those cards are pretty, i am using the rider waite radiant deck and the colours are beautiful it doesnt matter what deck i use i always go back to that one . I was wondering what age do you guys think is appropriate for children to start learning tarot? as i have just given my daughter who will soon be turning 11 three decks of tarot cards to play with they are the childrens tarot , the whimsical tarot and tarot of the unicorns as she loves unicorns and horses as she is always watching me practise with my cards showing an interest .

    This is an image of some the rider waite radiant cards

  • sorry here is image my head is all over the place today

  • Hi all. I'm very into tarot and would love to join the talk. I was wondering what you all think of using reversals? Yes or no?

  • Welcome stonyeye,

    I have just got back into learning tarot after a few years break and found that it was getting to confusing for me trying to learn the meanings of the cards both ways so to speak so now i am just reading them in the upright position and its been much better for me i am more focused and less scattered maybe one day when ive mastered this i will try and learn them in reverese.

  • I am just learning to do timing with the cards

    Swords/ days

    Pentacles/ years

    Wands / weeks

    Cups / months

    Has anyone else used this system before?

  • Hey LOP just stopping by to say hello, I bought cards some years ago, used them once or twice, I did used to get the Fool card all the time, have fun!

  • Thanks Poetic,

    Thought of you this morning i had this masive butterfly in the wall next to my front door and now we have noticed a cocoon on the wood below my daughters bedroom window i am starting too think they are attracted to my house as this is not the first cocoon weve found stuck to the house and they are everywhere in my garden .

  • Hi LOP, I agree about reversals. Plus, I think there are enough details and also negativity or blockage that can be associated with many cards anyway depending on their position that I quit using reversals. I can't help but notice them but try not to get too attached to their importance. Anyone else?

    Also, Yes, I have read that about the suits and timing as well and look at that sometimes to see when events might occur.

    One more things... if anyone wants to discuss any interesting card combos they have received, positioning within the reading and what they mean to them, I'd love to read! For instance, moon and sun in the same reading or lovers and temperance or the devil....anything!

    Love this thread!

  • Hi Stoneyeye

    I did a reading yesterday for someone who wasnt present as i wanted to know what was happening with them, this person used to be a drug addict and last time we heard she was clean well i kept getting the devil and the moon would you interpret this as she is back on the drugs and what are your thoughts on absent readings ?

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