Any career/relocation insight?

  • So I'm kind of in a pickle. I'm in school right now (almost more year!) and so of course working full-time year-round is out of the question but I do work full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. I have held a position at the same company for the past six years, but this year I am not going back to them. Here are my two main problems, kind of mushed into one:

    1. I am from the midwest and am chomping at the bit to live in California after I'm done with school. I am looking EVERYWHERE in California right now for summer jobs that meet my skills, and even for some that don't.

    2. I applied for a position where the company and myself are perfect matches for each other, but they are on the opposite end of the country, in New Jersey! After I sent them my resume, it took two weeks to hear from them, but I finally did yesterday. After a fairly fruitless search in CA, of course I was excited to hear from the NJ job.

    But I'm torn! Does anyone have any insight on where I will end up this summer? Or just advice on how to read or respond to my gut feelings? They are kind of mushed up and mulled right now. My desire to be in California is very strong, it feels like a magnet, not just that I want to be there but that I'm supposed to be there, sooner rather than later, and there are some jobs available that I really would like to try out in the SoCal area. I've been there a couple times before and decided to relocate during my last visit, and now that I am not bound by my former employer I am free to spend the summer there before moving for good. However I have a really good feeling about the position in New Jersey, but the fact that it is not where I want to be, though it is perfect in every other way is really disheartening.

    Obviously I have not been offered a position in either place, but on top of the mixed emotions I have about my options, I also have a feeling that I will eventually be faced with a choice of two positions and have very little time to make the decision.

    Thank you so much, just for reading!

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