A little humor.

  • I was walking into Wal-Mart and I found a dime on the floor and I picked it up. A little later on I went to the ladies room and on my way out, I found another dime. I than started talking to the angels to myself and said that if I found another dime than the things that I were thinking about would come true or be to my advantage. On my way out of the store I looked down and found a nickle. This made me laugh, because I know that the angles were playing with me. I did find money to verify what I was thinking about, but not with the instrument I had in mind.They made me laugh as I did not find a dime that I asked for, but half of a dime. I know this probably is not as funny to you as it was to me, but I could not keep from chuckling to myself about this. I went into Mcdonalds, on my way out and my husband found a penny on the floor. I just felt like the angels were playing with me and we were all having a good time from it. I just wanted to share this cute little story with anyone that might like to read about something good and cute for the imagination. Have a great weekend.

  • Hi Sporty48,

    Loved your story, also made me smile!!!

    I was instant messaging my cousin in London about a beautiful butterfly my deceased grandmother sent me the night after her funeral (its was new years eve and -18C, so how did the poor butterfly survive). Anyway, my cousin said, well the angels also send pennies!!!! which I burst out laughing to, as my 3 year old found a penny in my bed that morning. As we were talking, she received an email poem about pennies from heaven - WEIRD!!! We were both speakless.

    A Penny

    That Little Penny In The Parking Lot

    Remember this every time you pass that little penny in the parking lot.

    I always thought that it was for good luck, but I love this version better..

    I found a penny today

    Laying on the ground.

    But it's not just a penny,

    This little coin I've found.

    Found pennies come from heaven,

    that's what my Grandpa told me.

    He said Angels toss them down.

    Oh, how I loved that story.

    He said when an Angel misses you,

    They toss a penny down;

    Sometimes just to cheer you up,

    To make a smile out of your frown.

    So, don't pass by that penny

    When you're feeling blue.

    It may be a penny from heaven

    That an Angel's tossed to you.

    So now pass this on to people you care about

    And who you feel are Angels to you.

    I just did...

    An Angel is now watching over you.

    Have a great day!

    cheers cazmayo......... another angel believer!!

  • Hey Sporty, I'm laughing with you because since October I've been "playing a coin game with the universe" as I call it. It started back in October after I'd had a very intense dream. I didn't know what to make of it and it was really nagging at me. So, like you, I was just out grocery shopping, thinking the whole time about this dream and I said to myself very specifically, "if I find a penny in the parking lot on the way out then the message in the dream was good (even though it looked bad), if I don't find a penny then it truly was a bad message". I know it's goofy, but that's what I did. And I obviously stacked the odds against me. What were the real chances of finding a penny just because I asked for one? I was wanting to face the negative implications of the dream by having the "universe" push me to acceptance.

    So got done shopping, loaded up my stuff, and no penny. Sigh...just as I suspected. On the way home the fuel light went on in my car so I stopped for gas. The pump was running and I walked around the car to check my tires (been having trouble with one) and there shining in the darkness was a penny. I said, "oh my God" right out loud I was so floored. But wait! There, in the shadows of the car was another penny. Say what!! Two pennies?? One was shiny and new and the other was so old and crusty that I could barely see Abe Lincoln's face. So it was like, I found the penny I'd asked for but it still didn't reveal an answer to the dilemma. Gave me a lot to think about though, I'll say that. The extreme state of the pennies seemed to have significance.

    Anyway, after that I continued to play this game. I'm up to 39 cents since October. (Two dimes and a nickle in that mix.) It would be 49 if I'd been able to get the last dime I "found". As odd as this sounds, I was in a public restroom, glanced down and there, in a floor drain, was a shiny dime. It was very symbolic to me, in that it couldn't be reached through the drain grate. "Barred off" as it were. I also couldn't help but think about how, with the right force, it would have been pushed "down the drain". I laughed out loud when that thought came to me as most of my questions in this "game" are about a specific relationship. As if at that point, "yes, it's still there, but it's caged off, and there is some chance things are really going down the drain".

    I love that you posted this since I don't think I could ever have told anyone about what a nut I've been in all of this. The thing is, it keeps happening! I can't make these coins appear, we all know that. Seriously, what are the odds? All my life I've never found coins lying around with this sort of frequency. I actually put them in a jar now to see how far it will go. I like the suggestion that it's messages from angels. I'll dub my coin jar my "angel jar" from now on. It can remind me that there's some "one" out there keeping an eye on me. My coins seem to remind me, "sometimes you may get what you wish for, but not in the way you expect it, so careful what you wish for". Thanks for the chuckle Sporty!

  • Oh, this is funny. I love all your stories and the pennies from heaven poem! It reminds me, I can't remember now who or why, but someone on this forum a few weeks back posted about knowing they were getting a message from someone who'd passed on… the circumstances escape me now, but I believe they had asked for a dime as a sign, and instead got a dime plus a penny, and knew that person was laughing with them at the joke—you get what you need, plus a little more.

    I kind of filed the story away without giving it much thought. A couple of days later I went out for a walk to mull over a problem that was worrying me. Not fifty feet into my walk, frowning down at the sidewalk in thought as I went, what did I find but a dime and a penny! That sure made a smile out of my frown in a heartbeat. Thanks, angels! : ) gd

  • Dear Jenever7.

    That was beautiful, thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing a smile and a piece of joy. It was a wonderful moment and it gave me shills down my arm, so i know it true.

  • Dear Gracefuldaises,

    I am glad you enjoyed the stories. Just to throw another thought into this game. I think we use to all find a penny here or there, but what is it with the dimes lately? I have talked to a lot of people who have been finding dimes and pennies. Is it the whole economy so we feel like we need to find more than a penny? Or could it be that the angels have a reason behind this and feel like they cannot get our attention with a penny, so they throw a dime? Maybe the dime and the penny mean something for whoever finds it, which I am sure it does, but the message is different for everyone. I don;t think it would be the same message for everyone, or is it?

  • (Hmm, if this posts twice, I apologize, for some reason the post is not appearing so I am trying again.)

    Lol again Sporty, I too wondered about the significance of the silver change. I was really in the dumps one day. I told you this all ties in with a relationship question that is affecting me deeply. So I was caught up in wondering, "does he really even care or is this relationship really pointless". I was at the grocery store (yes, again, I have three growing boys who do nothing but eat and eat and eat),. I wasn't even thinking about my coin game, But it seems that the "universe" was thinking about me. I no sooner walked through the door when my foot kicked something on the floor. It had hit a nickle and swept it forward like a little hockey-puck, directly in front of me. I picked it up with a "hmph!" I'd grown so used to this game that in my mind I actually replied, "I find that hard to believe". I did my shopping, still not willing to find any message in that nickle because that's just the frame of mind I was in. I was just heading out the door with my cart and there was a dime on the ground. As if to say, "yes, really, I am telling you, there is more there than you realize".

    This episode really left me thinking. This was a Saturday, the store is a zoo - tons of people. I could see people passing by on picking up a penny, but really, nickles and dimes? All those coupon-clippers running around and nobody saw those coins right by the busy doorway and snatched them up? Really?

    I am very familiar with Tarot so something else that plays on my mind is the Pentacles suit in the Tarot deck. It is a suit that is often about material concerns (money, finance, home, security), but someone in the forum poiinted out to me that another version of the Pentacles message is our general "treasures" in life. That money/materialism is an aspect of taking care of those things we "treasure" in our lives. It adds an interesting twist to the idea that these "messages" come in the form of coins when we think of it as addressing the people that we treasure.

    Why, the higher denominations? I've wondered this as well, and came to the same conclusion that you did really, that it is a degree of emphasis. The common penny may not be as believable so we might not take the message to heart. Dimes and nickles are getting our attention and getting us thinking though aren't they?

    Still so funny to me that you posted this thread. I really thought I was a goofball, other than it has been uncanny how this is all playing out for me. I couldn't deny that it was going beyond coincidence so there has been an aspect of it that I have just accepted as "weird as it is, it's real". At least I don't feel like a complete nut-case thanks to you Sporty - maybe just a little nut-case, lol. A little bit richer nut-case at that! Haha. Now when do the quarters start rolling in? Ooops, best not to get greedy!

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