Captain-Can You Tell Me Whats Going On?

  • Captain, I think you might remember me from my previous posts. (By the way could you answer my questions to my 2011 post I have,thank you so much I really appreciate your time 😉 I was up pondering myself about my previous relationship and I had no idea why. I know Im supposed to move on, and I am especially by getting more and more into myself everyday and dwelling deeper into my psyche. My life has been going great and more postive improvements and events are happening to me everyday.

    Its just that I really still care for my ex not only as a boyfriend but as a person and Im not sure what I want. If I do talk to him ever again, it would take me a while to build/want to be at that relationship level again but I still love him and actually want the best for him. I was remembering something about how you said he's too busy to actually consider his feelings about everything right now. Its been 2 months almost 3 and I dont know why my feelings are still here. For some reason my gut tells me I should possibly be in contact with him, but I have no idea why because I dont know what would come of it. In a way I feel bad for our last conversation only because, he was going through so much but I only felt good about it because it was my way of standing up for myself (I got tired of being nice when he was acting so rude)

    Ironically, my school transfered me to Miami. Im afraid I might run into him but It'll hurt me (possibly) only because Im scared I might have some old feelings return.

    Im scared to do anything at this point. I wanted to call him just to catch up and see how he is doing but i dont know about anything furhter, maybe Im looking for an explanation from his as in to what happened to us-but I dont want to do so too soon- Im scared about using the sincere approach because I want to appear strong and I dont want to be shut down--do you think he might completely shut me off, I dont even know why I stil care?

    Also, do you think he might come into my life in the future when we're both well-because I have a feeling but then again I dont know (the breakup was so abrupt for me and so unexplained)?

  • If you contacted your ex and got back together, what would happen would be an exact repeat of the past. He would come visit you for a while with you and then leave and you would be more devastated than ever. He needs time to grow and mature before he is ready for a committed relationship with anyone. All you can do is remember your own personal goals and dreams and follow them. He may come back into your life more permanently at a later stage or he may not - it's uncertain at this point just which way in his development he will go - up or down.

  • Wow! thank you so much Captain. I think I should just let it go now. Things happen for a reason and I see this as an experience that allows me to grow and mature. I guess the relationship served as a distraction to my growth and and learning. Im going to continue to take the time to focus on myself and just leave this situation alone because what is ever meant to be is meant to be. The best thing for me to do is to continue moving forward because I have so many things going right in my life and so many things to look forward to in the future. Thank you so much for your word and sorry to bother you with so many questions lol, I really appreciate the fact you took time out to help. God bless you and I wish you the best. I hope things blossom for me and my ex whether or not we are together but for the most part its all about me. I'll update you on my developments and good news whenever I can. Thank you so much! God blesss 😉

  • 🙂 OK.

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