Scorpio lady in love with a Libra guy. :)

  • This situation has been so confusing! The flirting and jealousy has gone on for slightly over two years, and I hate not being with him...I love him so much. and I want things to go somewhere. He keeps going back and forth on what he says. One day, he'll be like, how do you feel about me, the next tell me he only wants sex, the next be confused, then detached...I really do not know how to think or feel. He's told me he's terrified of being hurt, so that's the most understandable cause of this dilema...but we seem to really be heating up. He told me that I wasn't just a sexual desire...that I meant something more. Where will this progress? Is this something to stress over?

  • Well sounds like your not happy and i have been this way with a few ladies but you can not change how someone feels as a Scorpio my self I understand you put 110% into your relationship but but don't waste your time. Many people do not understand us Scorpios because we are very complex and we demand the same attention that we give If someone truly loves you then you will know it. Go with what the little voice in your head is saying either stay the course or jump ship. Its your happiness not mine that's at stake.

  • True...i know what you mean. It's just that I am happy...he makes me very happy. But you're right, I will know when the time is's weird though...I'll end up in a relationship while I'm still interested in him, and the relationship with the other dude will always fail. I'm not sure what that means, maybe that i'm supposed to be with him? I haven't a clue, but as of now, i'm just going with the flow.

  • REO Speedwagon........Should I follow my head, or, follow my Heart........age difference, other extenuating factors............scales aren't easily long has the relationship been going on.............only YOU and the Good LORD, control your destiny...........

  • Hi ieatmpthrees,

    Firstly may i say, i really do know where you're coming from and i really do feel for you.

    Librans are well known for being indecisive and dithering when it comes to making a move.

    They love with their heart and want perfection in love, forever searching for their soulmate. The problem comes when you continually find yourself disagreeing with a Libran male because he needs to be right. I see an initial ''K'' while i type this, though i can't say the relevance.

    Librans are also great thinkers and debate everything in their minds but few have the ability to put it into words because of their shyness.

    For a relationship with a Libran to work successfully, you need to be so close you can almost read their minds and know instinctively what their needs are.

    Scorpio women are flirty as are Librans, but sex is vital to the relationship.

    The problems might arise here because Librans go off sex when they're troubled, it is a huge turn off for them and can be very long term. As long as things are going well between you, sex will be too but if it is all that holds you together, it could just as easily fail because it would be natural to feel like he is being unfaithful which causes mistrust and often misguided judgements.

    Most Scorpio women want stability but need freedom and excitement which a Libran doesn't crave. Perhaps the reason other friendships don't work is simply because of your craving for him. Scorpios hate failure but once they accept something hasn't worked out as hoped or planned, they move on quickly.

    Obviously it is up to you what you decide for you know him better than i do, but two years is certainly long enough to know someone as well as they need to decide where it is going or not. A complete break of just a couple of weeks can make all the difference, each of you should be able to place a greater perspective on the relationship and you might find you have a great friend but no need for a physical one.

    Jealousy eats away at the insides and creates confusion. No relationship can survive that.

    Each of you has a life to live when you are apart and it is true where there is no trust there is no true love. Each of you needs the freedom to breathe with friends and family too.

    Air fans the flames of fire but fire chokes and pollutes air and smoke stifles wood.

    Hope this makes some sense and i wish you luck for the future whatever you choose to do.

    Verdana 😉

  • That was so helpful!!! 🙂 Thank you so much. It's just that...frankly he means a lot to me, and I can't just be like, forget it. True, but i think it may also be a sign that other relationships aren't working...I frankly have no idea, but all I know is that I love him. How do you make libra's at ease, to where they can open up? Because I do know people well; very clarivoyant. I understand him, his habits, everything. I just want to know how to get him to tell me how he's so important to me.

  • Reading your post was like looking into a mirror. I really hope things work out for you and your Libra, as for me, I had to cut my losses and walk away. It was the hardest thing because I loved him so much. It has been almost three years and my life is better without all of the drama of that relationship. I still love my Libra but am just better off without him. Remember, love should not hurt and a man who truly loves you has the ability to make you cry, but NEVER does. Take care Scorpion sister.

  • Hi again, most Librans, male or female will show their affection rather than tell someone how they feel. They show by buying little gifts constantly and small gestures of affection.

    These gestures are to show someone they are cared for and thought about. They usually only profess love when they are absolutely positive it is returned.

    Having said that, if you proverbially ''hound'' or ''stalk'' a Libran they will run for miles.

    Good luck with this and hope it helps a bit more.

    Verdana 🙂

  • I am married to a Libra, have been with him for a total of 9 years. When we first met we were recovering from broken hearts. We were older, early forty's, so we knew what we wanted from relationships already. We were both victims of adultry. In the first few months of knowing him he opened up and always shared what he was feeling with me. Slowly, over the last nine years he has retreated to his cave. I have to pull things out of him to know what he is thinking, it's exhausting, but worth it. Libra's are very committed, just a little withdrawn and shy.

    I love my Libra to death, but, I will also tell you if he is doing this back and forth thing with you it probably means he is truly not sure about he feels for you. Distance is key in this situation, let him go a little while without you (I think someone else said this also), then he will have clarity, it may not be the clarity you want, but, still it's clarity.

  • In my experience with a Libra man is that they play it safe and it takes them aloooooooong time to come to their decisions. They spend alot of time weighing things out. My Libra man is married. I know this crosses moral issues about marriage but what I learned is that they are good about putting a different face on to the public then what they do in private. I would use his astrological sign as a guide but not bank on everything. I would ask for a sign - there is a good article on this site about asking for a sign. I did it and received my answer that I needed to move on to open the doors to new experiences.

  • Wow, that's amazing. It's funny that you say that, because probably...hmmm...two weeks ago i didn't talk to him for a while...I noticed that he was talking to me more. Like, going out of his way to talk to me more. I need to be more secretive, even though it's so hard to do sometimes...I mean, i love him and i think about talking to him. ugh. But you're right. :). Thank you.

  • WOW!!! I think i was suppose to read this. I can totally see me in the male position. Maybe my angels are answering questions I had!

  • I went through this for a while with my taurus guy, whom am dating now for the fourth year. I am a virgo, so somewhat of a similar situation. Scorpio and Libra can be a very good match, but don't expect Mr. Libra to be over the top romantic... that is one of the things he struggles with. Libras are practical and judgemental by nature, but that doesn't mean they aren't looking at a situation from all angles or that they don't have feelings for you. It is up to him at this point to make up his mind and realize a great thing (you) is right in front of him. Until then you should make up your mind to get out there and enjoy yourself, have fun and go out with friends. Don't let him see that you miss him at all. Be pleasant if you do see him and be friendly and upbeat, but spend your time missing him as he will pick up on this and back away.

  • oops

    in above post I meant to say, "Don't spend your time missing him as he will pick up on this and back away."

  • He is just not that much "into you." If you were what he was looking for, he would rush and snap you up before another man got you. You are so crazy in love with him because your love is unrequited, and your ego is damaged by that lousey treatment. He may also strongly remind you of the way one or both of your parents treated you as a child. You have been under too much stress for 2 years knowing this man; you need to let him go forever and make yourself available for a man who really is crazy in love with you. You are probably pushing away all the men who really would love you while you wait for this man you are currently hung-up on.

    Have you ever heard the term, "I park it there until I find something better?" That is what men say when they are intimately involved with a "woman on reserve" (a woman he's simply using until "the one" shows up.)

    I imagine that this man is on drugs or has anger management problems: if he is/does, then he is a psycho. If not, he is simply not into you.

    Also, be aware that many men out there are deranged and have a "hidden life" that you may never be aware of until it's too late. You deserve much better than any of those ordeals.

  • If the man is healthy for you, you would not have to play secretive games with him. Once you meet a (new) man who really loves you, you will see how easy it is to have a lasting, loving, relationship. Remember that if they rush into a "relationship" too fast, they will usually dump you just as quickly. Get to know any man slowly at first - otherwise he is merely a stranger. I have a feeling that you gave this man everything he wanted too soon, and now he is bored of you, but wants to keep you around as a back-up until he finds something better.

    The ultimate test: does he know (or remember) what your favorite color is? Your favorite flavor of ice cream, other personal things about your life? Test him, a lot. That will provide you your answer to how much interest he has in you. One thing is certain - I do not believe that after 2 years, you and he are best friends yet. If not, it will never happen, since then, you are only a game to him.

  • I must put in my comments on this. I am now with a Libra man but we have a different relationship because after we met he went of to work far away from me so we have to IM or talk on the phone to have contact. I know that he is far away from other women but he is so into me that it is a great ego boost. He pursued me so fast and wouldn't take no for an answer unless I said I was also into him. We have not had any physical relationship yet and so maybe that is why after 2 months he is so into all I say. If he is the right one then the Libra man totally pursues you and doesn't take no as an answer is what I say. We are both over 40 and in fact I am 5 years older but he doesn't care about that at all. All he wants is to bring back all the money he makes and to marry me because that is both of our values to marry not live together. We both were married before after 21 years my husband cheated on me and left me and his wife died so we know that when you find love grab it because it doesn't come every day. That is my advice to all who are young and read this.

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