A Reading anyone please?

  • Hello, thanks for reading my post.

    I was wondering what's in store for me the next few months.

    Love as well as work. Would very much appreciate any insight.

    Oh, my DOB 4 may 1962


  • Good luck awaits you this year if you can be cautious and not overconfident. Also, while you have high standards for yourself and are concerned with humanitarian issues, it's important to take time for yourself and this year will be a good year to do that. Trouble may arise in the form of gossip at work, but if you can rise above, it will pay off in a major way. This is a also year to avoid taking chances, but with tact and diplomacy, it will bring good fortune.

    In love, you are charismatic, and you when you fall, you fall hard. It would be wise to seek someone who is as loyal as you, and who also likes to have fun. An Aquarius could be a potentially good match, as they would understand your independent nature and who is also loyal. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Sunshine Mornin Junemoon26,

    Do you think you can do a reading on me? There is so much going on in my life and yet there is nothing. I have been on this journey for a long long time trying to simply survive, and the path I'm on now has hit a cement wall. There are no doors or windows to open. As it always seems to be, what I am striving for becomes within arms reach, and other times so close I can feel it, and in an instant, it is gone, leaving me like it always has, shattered, alone, and having to fight with my inner strength to pick me up and start all over yet again. Each time, and there has been many, I have done that..this time however is different. Everything around me is spinning out of my control. Again what I have been striving for is right in front of me. A huge change but for the better I hope. I have more then one chance out there. If one of those needs would be fullfilled, it would blow that cement wall down, but, if my life continues on this path then I'm left with leaning up against that brick wall watching everything spiral out of my control and this time leaving me devastated and destroyed. I'm almost there already. I continue to lose one thing after another even though I'm desperately trying to move on. Reality is staring me in the face, and I'm petrified what will happen to me if I can't get around that brick wall. I have learned a lot on this journey, and I have paid a high high price to have learned it.

    I'm hoping with a little insight from me, you will be able to tell me something, good or bad. My birthday is April 6, 1959 and I was born at 7:14 am

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    I'm not sure if you decided not to do anymore readings or simply mine. I wrote quite a bit to you because the last reading I had done, there were so many issues coming up for the reader that she couldn't break them down. So, I thought if I gave you a little input it might not come flying out at you like it did with her. My birthday is 04/06/1959 and I was born at 7:14 am.

    I know it won't be any easy reading, but if you choose to give it a try, I do appreciate any and all efforts you make. If you would rather not, then I reckin I will know when I check back and there is still no response.

    Always Love,


  • I'm really sorry I took so long to get back to you. I've been having some problems of my own at the moment, to say the least. 🙂 I'm working on yours right now.

  • I'm assuming you put your birthday in the month-day-year format, and if April 6 is not your birthday, please tell me. 🙂

    You have always had a generally optimistic outlook, but recent events have caused you great pain--I suspect a bad romantic relationship. You are generous, kindhearted, romantic, and charmingly naive in some ways. You are loyal and forgiving, but you also never forget things in your past, good or bad, and you can be very stubborn!

    The key to your future happiness depends on your actions, not thoughts, at the moment. If you wish to make amends with the person who has hurt you, then do so, if they (he?) has let you know he is receptive to the idea of reconcilliation. No matter what happens, it's crucial for you to take steps toward healing and forgiving. If you hold a grudge, no matter what the situation, you are only hurting yourself over time by harboring anger and resentment. Talk to someone you trust or a professional. You need to decide if you want to carry around the weight of negative emotions anymore.

    I hope you decide to take steps toward healing. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thank you Junemoon26 for giving me a try. A relationship at this time is not an issue. I did end one almost a year ago and we were together a longtime. I did the right thing though, and harbor no ill feelings at all. It seems I can't get a look at what's to come, and let me tell ya, it is a frightening feeling.

    I thank you so much for taking the time that you did to give me your input.

    Always Love,


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