Prayers For Mother Earth

  • Sending prayers to Mother today she came back with a message to those who are wearing the crystals and those who choose to follow the light . Make the connection with Mother stick your hands into her soil let her feel your heart and love and let her connect to you .

    She also told me all she ever wanted for Man kind was to Love them and give them in abundance of their needs and for them to have a home they could cherish the land the animals and trees and plants and all the wonderful creatures .

    My prayer is that If Father had a wife it would be Mother Earth she is the Jewel of the whole of all creation they come from every part of the universe to gaze upon this beautiful planet and to see and be a part of mans inter reactions with Mother Earth but man has raped and pillaged and desecrated her to the point her pain is great and it is time for her birthing of new with or with out man .

    Mother i plead and pray that you seek our hearts and our souls and our Love for you and that you guide us into your new beginning and forgive us for the pain and sorrow we have brought on you and that you guide and protect us with your Love together as one ,one mind with many Hearts this i ask in yours and Fathers name and that we see your full Glory . Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Delbertc/tooter, that is too sweet, i am sure mother earth will appreciate it πŸ™‚ I do feel bad for the stuff that we do to the planet, but then i dont really know what will help, or improve things. Well i know there is little things we can do, but is those little things enough? I hope so. If they are, What i mean by that is stuff like recycling and things and eating fresh foods as well as the others. and appreciating what we have on the planet lilke the animals and plants, plus being watchful of how much electric we use and things like that, are those small things enough to make a difference, I hope so.

    Love ya tooter Bee XxXx

  • She really is beautiful

  • Here's a meditation I came up with some time ago. It feels really good and your timely topic inspired me to do it again. It helps to think of it in terms of hugging your mother or a mother figure and wanting nothing more than to give back love and warmth and healing for all she has done for you.


    Hug the Earth

    Sit back and meditate, calm and fill yourself with love and joy.

    Then imagine yourself as an all encompassing energy being and see the Earth before you in space.

    Wrap your arms around the Earth and hold it in your loving embrace as you spin along with it.

    Calm and peaceful as you turn slowly and purposefully, imagine all the others joining you in your embrace of the Earth, filling it with love and joy and peacefulness and healing. Acknowledge it's greatness and the work it has done on our behalf and express your gratitude for all you have received from it's efforts.

    Now gently caress it as you let it go, knowing you have given back energy and healing it so richly deserves and end your meditation.

  • Trying to be as positive as possible sending prayers of joy and love to our beautiful Mother. I love her and am grateful we are here to help her at this time. Thank you Del this is a beautiful thing you are doing πŸ™‚

  • Oh Bee that picture is so pretty i guess you know i love pictures and music ,but Bee all them things are good but we have passed that time and i am as guilty as anyone i use the things that make it comfortable and easy for us but i have gotten spoiled by comfort and let things go and justified it was best for mankind and never done anything to try and stop what it was doing to mother earth and all the inhabitants of earth we all live on this planet but greed and power have dictated the direction we are headed now we have done this to our selves out of ignorance we have become numb and maybe just maybe we can overcome our greed of wanting more and more .

    Ask our selves this would you throw mud in your mothers face or stick a knife in her heart because she is in your way of getting what you want would you cut off one of her fingers just because and would you stomp her to the ground and stand over her and say i rule her for your own self gratification?

    Most would say no ,but lets look at it ,every time we trow waste, toxic material drilling holes into her almost to the point of Swiss cheese and taking out the food that sustains her and not putting any back .

    Isn't that like trowing mud in your mothers face ,or sticking a knife in her heart knowing it would kill her but keep saying and excepting she will be alright its best for mankind ,Was it look what is happening now we have been led and excepted to the point of destroying our mother in the name of PROGRESS.

    And would you cut off one of your mothers legs and hang it own the wall and say i got this its better and bigger than anyone's . But don't we do that by trophy hunting fishing and even in building churches houses,towers and even fill in the ocean to say look what i done and God forgive me i have done these things driven by the Ego and the worship of money and power and the saddest part we do it in the name of God and think this is what God wants for me to prosper .Ask some of them men who have fought in wars when they killed women and children how did their heart feel and it suppose to be for freedom security God and Honer what honer is there in killing innocent children who just want to be a part of this grand world we live in ,so what do you think it does to their hope or Love .

    My Mother wanted what was best for me and her and my dad tried instilling Truth and doing what is right my mother never told me to kill anyone who got in the way of progress and to accrue the things in life i felt would make me successful and secure in life i was taught to Love and be in Truth but i passed it by for the easier way of lying deceit and what ever means i could accrue the things i thought would make me Happy ,well guess what it didn't.

    The happiness i know today comes from the Heart and thank God i can feel today and care what happens to Mankind and Mother Earth do i have the answers NO but my Heart does and if i am trying my best to live in my Heart chances are i have a lot better chance of helping myself my loved ones mankind and Mother Earth and Father will be glad i chose that path .

    I know some of my words and descriptions are graphic and so is the news every day but my hope is that you seek you Heart and Truth . Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Beautiful, here is Lake Louise Canda.

  • Lovely tooter, your quite the one with words πŸ™‚

    Bee XxXx

  • ibeleive, that was beautiful...

  • thanks, tooter:)


  • As the time has come and the world on the brink of insanity and destruction I pray for Mother Earth as she comes into the new beginning and for the inhabitants of Earth as the darkness lashes out its last breaths as the powers are brought into existence of the now of knowing as they look in the mirror seeing of self and they fight to maintain their power of darkness to no avail their time is ending pray for them to come into the light but most want and in their denieal many will perish but weep not for They are standing with our Father and they live on .

    With this song let it comfort those in morning and sorrow and assurance that there is a new day dawning and Mother is coming into her Glory and their lives were not in vain and they will help guide us and the ones here on Earth to bring in the new Heaven here on Earth . Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Beautiful Tooter!

  • My Dearest Mother and Care Taker of All Man

    Let me learn the lessons you have hidden under every leaf and rock So when life fades with the setting sunset I may come to you without shame .

  • Thankyou for that tooter. πŸ™‚ Video for you.

    Bee xXxX

  • Hi Tooter!

    Great to see you again! I have thought of you often, and when I saw your postings, was told to come (by your angels of course) and just share a short little message....

    "Dearest supporter of our cause...for your own well-being, please please try to lighten up, find humor in all things around you, and not dwell so much on the consuming darkness. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to determine when that end will be. And it isn't up to them now is it? Only God knows what the future holds, and only He controls it. So go plant some roses. Enjoy this life for while it's not the only one you will have, it is the one you have right now. Love to you."

    Angel blessings to you!


  • Hi Miss Beth its been awhile hope you been doing good hope your business is good it is good hearing from you and thanks for bringing the message and be sure to tell them I found a lot of humor in the message must have been from the same one who sent me the email .You know to this day my guides have never told me to lighten up and go plant some roses ,funny tho we did have a talk about planting a garden and they did recommend it and as far as the darkness they have taught me its about balance and in my post I clearly state only Father or God and Mother Earth know that time and my guides know that ,they were there .

    But I do know the darkness is losing ground and they will do what ever to keep people in darkness from the truth ,I am not here to win a popularity contest or to promote myself even tho I have met a lot of good people here and made some friends that I am grateful for so who ever the guide is that came to you I would tell them maybe they need to talk to Father and Michael and Gabriel and so far I haven’t had any problem understanding them and if I do they reassure me of it , and they have never told me to lighten up and go plant some roses . But I do guess its bad business for some people who is trying to build business.

    But this tread is for prayers for Mother Earth to maybe help show her we care and Love her and maybe to better learn how to help her and man kind but my Love and Truth is not for sale its free and I do pray to Father that he will continue to guide me to do his will not mine or mans and how I can better serve Mother Earth . Love Freely Given I Give to You Tooter

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