The Dream/Vision Journal.

  • Hey Everyone, so i thought of creating a thread, and to post all your dreams here, not just mine but yours too, and see if you guy's or anyone can pick up any insight about that dream on this thread, there is a lot of dreams going around so i figured, we need a thread for visions and dreams, to keep all the information in one place, see how much insight you can get from your dream, or vision you had.

    It will help greatly maybe you may even find your understanding your dreams much more better and seeing them more clearly. They can be involving anything at all, and i am most willing to put my thoughts in for your dream, I am not very good at dream interpretations so i thought this thread will help me too.

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  • Yeah, your right Dmick- plus i think it will help us get some ideas about the accension and things too, and were we can research on what others dreams means. I have had a recent one with flying dragons, fighting of good/evil and magical powers the night before, but i think i have an idea of that one is more of the creation side and of everything that is going on lately too, the battle against good and evil. We do need a balance and a balance is what we will achieve.

    Bee XxXx

  • Hey AngelBee....I just felt totally compelled to post an old vision of mine on Greystar's Blue Ray thread.... Now I see you here and writing lots. Great for you, Gotta get it out, you will sleep better, I bet 🙂 I think its time for all of us to get out of the closet a bit and share. I don't usually share much, I read a lot though, so busy reading its kind of hard for me to stop and write. I think this is a great thread. Hope I have a good dream soon to share 🙂

  • Great Idea, love, love, the photo's!

  • GJay, thankyou i think this is a good thread too, and i will keep it up so that everyone can come accross it and post there thoughts, i just read your dream/vision on GreyStars thread, sounds interesting, I bet we can pull it off, your right though, i am such a big reader too, and it feels like i dont have enough time to write, because i am always reading instead, I want to be a writer too, LOL so i hope i can get my writing motivation back during the half term, through this thread.

    Thanks for your support and encouragment, it is needed, i have a dream every night, and i will post ones too share with you guy's and see what you can make of it. we will provale with the positive aspect, i just know we can do it if we work together, nothing beats a team of these kind of people.

    Bee xXxXx

  • hey poetic/Cee Thanks, So do i , I knew you'd love em.

    Love you. Bee XxXx

  • This is a stretch but I found a way to interpret it a little..

    I dreamt, last night, that I was getting ready for a big event with a lot of people.. I was with a friend at another friends home. I felt like I really needed to look and feel my best so I found this bottle of shampoo that had some sort of "scalp & hair exfoliant" in it, with the exfoliant aspect emphasized in my dream. After I was done, my hair looked amazing (without conditioner- something I've always had to use) and I felt completely refreshed.

    I took a couple of the details to basically say, out with the old, in with the new... Like a real cleansing experience for some big event I needed to be cleansed for!




  • I love it! Clean, Purge, Release, Get ready for New! Gee we are having so much fun I hate to leave, will try to check in this weekend.

  • AngealaVictoria, Lovely name by the way, and what a cool dream to have, i am glad you looked your best, i am sure others will try there best to put what they think it means, but i am sure your right on track with that, Good cleansing going on.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • Well last nights dreaming wasn't very clear for me, so it was all over the place, all i remember from it is that i sore a man, and the mentioning of god, and playing with objects using powers, there was also people in training, i think they were training for being a light worker, though i am not sure. i dreamed about a house too, and people sleeping in the rooms. waiting for something, but not sure what yet. Lots of talking and waiting going on.

    Bee XxXx

  • Well all, last nights dream, i only remember one word Hope Plus then there was this other dream i had that i was in a golden like room, filled with people, i was actually taking the time to look around the room, and noticed a few things. I noticed two vulture statues, and other bits and pieces hanging around the room, it felt like i was somewhere away from earth. There were ships and stuff involved, too, and lots of people talking, there were refreshments in the room i remembered, Like cakes and stuff like that. and i could hear the people talking, but i wasn't really paying attention to them, i was looking around, it was a massive golden room, and there was a tapestry with a picture of a woman on it, looked like a goddess, riding something. I also remember seeing a dragon again, and people talking about fighting and wars. I also remember standing at the back of the room, looking to were four men were standing at the front of the room, talking to the people there. I could exactly see there faces, or any of the others clearly.

    There was a mentioning that a third door, was not opening properly. i didn't know what that meant, but it might be important. That was when i woke up. and because my sister came into the room asking for a book LOL, ahahaha. Oh well i could have gotten more from the dream.

    I was definitely trying to fly dragon like creatures again. Wonder what it could mean, 🙂

    Love and Light Bee XxXx

  • AngelBee,

    This is beautiful. I hope it all satrts coming together for you. You pics are beautiful too! My brain is still slow from letting out all I did Friday night. If anyone has any idea on what three swirling disks of light mean. They were in a pattern I've seen somewhere before. The disks were white and golden but as you got closer they were made of many colors. Strange enough, I don't usually dream and can usually pick up on things for others but stuff I see myself tends to be greek to myself.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hey GreyStar, Thanks I am glad you like the pictures 🙂 Plus i have no idea what your dream means with the three swiling disks, maybe you can meditate on it, and see if you have a message or something? Others maybe able to lend their thoughts. It is very interesting though. I hope mine starts coming together too, i have been having some out of this world dreaming so far, since i have been talking about it on here, Bizzare i say. Well I think my dreams are also feeling a bit greek too. LOL i dont get what they are trying to tell me, so i hope we can both find some answers with that. I am sure you'll get somewhere with your search, and i hope i do too. Wish i could help you more on your dream. have you tried a dream dictonary they have them online, with all the key stuff/symbols you get in your dreams, plus there are some good books around.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • I too used dream interpretation books for a while. I am very bad at interpreting my own dreams. I think I get caught up in the literal (I'm bad at riddles for the same reason.) Back to the point...Here is a message I found interesting with regards to doing your own interpretations. What things mean to you personally. Thought I would share and see if it helps anyone.

    Dream Interpretation

    a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

    Monday, 24 January, 2011 (posted 31 January, 2011)

    How can we interpret and understand our dreams?

    The key to interpreting your dreams is to learn to recognize and understand your own internal spiritual language. Your internal spiritual language is based on the meaning that you associate with symbols and actions. You will find many different dictionaries of dream symbols and other external resources for looking at your dreams. All of those can be helpful, but ultimately the truth about your dreams will emerge when you explore your own personal meaning. For instance, if a dream dictionary tells you that if you dream about a tornado, it represents chaos. But you ask yourself, what do I think of when I think of a tornado and the first thing you think of is excitement. Then the tornado in your dream is telling you about excitement. It might be that your dream is telling you about excitement and chaos and how they co-exist, but it will always include your personal meaning for the symbol.

    You must always look first to your personal language, the meaning that you hold for the world around you. That is the first and most important principle for dream interpretation. This is also the first and most important principle for interpreting your own Akashic Records or for your own intuition. It is important to always ask yourself first, what does this mean to me? What words come to mind when I think of this thing? What feelings come up? Do I associate this with a color or a smell or a particular memory in my life? When you get information from your dreams, it is coming through your mind based on your personal spiritual language, so your personal meaning for things must be explored first.

    Here is an exercise you can use to find your personal language. It is often useful to break your dreams down into simple elements. Make a list of the objects that appear in your dream. Make a list of the people or characters that appear in your dream. Make a simple list of the events that occur. Be sure this is simple -- just two or three words that describe what it is. Break it down into simple elements and then go through a free association exercise in which for each of those elements you write down the first four words that come to mind or the first five words that come to mind. For example, if you saw a bird in your dream, write bird in your list and then next to it write a list of five words that come to mind when you think of birds. Do you think of freedom? Joy? Lightness? Or, do you think they are scary? Unpredictable? Wise? Whatever comes to mind, write it next to the original symbol. There is no judgment and it does not need to make sense. Do not judge what you are seeing because then you will miss some of the information. If you will do that, then you can by taking apart the elements, you can start to understand some of the meanings imbedded in the dream. For instance, if you associate birds with freedom, and the bird in your dream was flying away, perhaps your dream is telling you that you are losing your freedom. This exercise works best if you can make the symbols as simple as possible. Objects, characters, and actions are symbols. So are colors, movements (such as up or down), and other descriptive elements.

    Finally, it is often useful to consider that every element in the dream is an aspect of you. Sometimes people have prophetic dreams in which they are getting information about others or what is going to happen to others but, 90% of the time, your dreams are giving you information about you. They are telling you aspects of yourself and your journey. So you can usually assume that any person, object or event that happens in the dream is an aspect of you. If you see your sister in the dream, explore what meaning you assign to your sister and then ask yourself how are these things part of me? Whatever your sister did in the dream is telling you how those parts of yourselves are behaving or how they are operating in your life.

    Those are three essential principles you can apply to dream interpretation. Then, when you are ready, you can apply these same principles to interpreting your intuition, including what comes from the Akashic Records. Always remember that the different books and other resources to help you interpret your dreams can be useful as long as you first listen to your personal language. Then you will find that external resources like books will give you additional insights and enrich your interpretation. Be sure to choose which books and resources fit you and let go of those that do not. Have fun! Dream interpretation can be incredibly joyful and inquisitive. Do not worry too much about getting it right. Let it be an exploration of your birthright – to see beyond the veil and understand! (January 2011)

  • OH Bee this is great or little shy Caterpillar that turned into a beautiful butterfly and now a Dream Warrior how great is that .

    Well i ask last night to be showed in my dreams and i had 2 and don't make a bit of since to me one was a job or a bunch of work being done around this place don't know what but it seemed like my dad owned it and a bunch of men around then this one guy took a electronic part and was trying to leave with it and i was trying to stop him and i was calling the law with this phone that unfolded about 4 times it was long and the car tags had v on it 2 or 3 of them and it reminded me of a Georgia plate because of peaches and the guy was the guy i have seen him on Jerry Signfield show it was one of Elaines boy friends now how weird is that ?

    The other was driving threw this town i think i was looking for some thing to eat and the sreet was real curvy and all these people were outside like come in here we have the best ,they were dressed like bakers all white pants and shirts and them whith bakers hats women and men and they all had red scarfs on there were like wedding cakes in the windows all kinds of shops then i stopped at one it just had regular pastries and normal looking and got out to get some and for got my billfold it was on the dash of my truck and when i turned this guy had walked up there and took it and i started chasing him i was hollering for police but i caught him and got it back he was sorry but he had a bluesh black sport coat on and slacks .

    See how my dreams are some times weird that one could be i am hungry but really afraid of spending money , i don't know Latter Tooter

  • Hey Ibeleive, I am so glad you shared that, i will have a better idea and understanding of how to relate to my dreams now, thank you very much, any information is helpful, but your right, it is your own persona of what you think your dream means, but also dreams are messages we can use to make our lives a little easier in some way's too, they give our warnings to us when we least exepct it, and maybe even relate to our busy days that we have had. It is very interesting. Thankyou again.

    Love and Light Bee XxXx

  • Hey Tooter that certainely is some interesting dreams you have, i am really bad at making sense of my dreams too, so dont worry about it, it will come to you when you need to know what they mean i am sure, Plus we can help each other out with the meanings, and maybe we will recieve clearer messages each time we help eachother, or write down our dreams. Making them clear for us, and then we can put them all together, see what type of dream state is for everyone, or how clear they are, and what they relate too. It makes it more fun and interesting too.

    Your dream about the job tooter, could be your panicking about getting one, or if you will get one and how will you go about getting one, I hope i dont have it wrong that you do not have a job at the minute? From what i heard on GreyStar's thread, i do hope you find one soon, and i am sure you will. As you are a good hard working man, and there is bound to be something out there for you to do, there is if you want it hard enough 🙂

    Your second dream does sound like what you think it maybe worrying about spending money, though it looks like you actually wanted something nice for yourself in this dream, and when the person took it away, it was like you wanted it back so you chased him for it, thats kinda like chasing to get something you've always wanted. Like a job for instance, if you want it you can have it, and that you gotta chase something to get to it, It may take a while. but looks like your going to get it in the end, by the telling of your dream. I hope i make sense, i am not good at putting my words out either. Tell me what ya think.

    Love ya tooter Bee XxXx

  • This is for some of you guy's having difficuilty relating to your dreams.

    / This is a good website, were you can find the meanings of some of your dreams here. They have a whole bunch of stuff about dreams on this sight.

    I hope it helps you guy's some.

    Bee XxXx

  • Thanks Bee hope your right and no i dont have a job after them cutting me lose in Oklahoma saying it was reduction in force not because of my fall but either way i am out of work and money and every thing i have done i have done or tried doing based on what i felt was right and what Father had guided me to do but the hardest thing is staying out of fear and doubt and that sounds easy but its not and the only way i know is trying to do what i feel is right at the time thanks Bee Love ya Tooter

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