Hi Captain What lies in 2011 for me?

  • I would really appreciate a reading. My birthday is May 2,1993 by the way if needed.

  • 2011 for you is a special year. It is a time when you can schieve much if you are completely selfless. It calls for self-sacrifice, courage and unwavering commitment to reform, truth and healing. You are on a "mission", and other 'teachers' will learn from your honesty, discipline and bravery. This is a year you must put aside self concerns and give your unconditional love and compassion to others, expecting nothing in return. 2011 will call you to leadership and responsibility. This may not always please you, but you'll have to make your peace with it. This year you can do great things through acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that lead to the transformation of the world's consciousness.

    Your other choice is to sit back and criticize, which will not help, so make your peace and just live the better way. Food, cooking and entertaining others may be a highlight this year. You are going to get out and about and lose any self-consciousness or insecurities by getting more involved in other people's lives.

    2011 for you is a year of being responsible for and of finding protection for others. You can be a true humanitarian now, and will enjoy life most when you are helping others. But you must also enjoy quiet times to yourself away from other people. Nature will call you strongly at times where you may feel the need to put your hands in the dirt to create the grounding that you require. When you are at full strength others will feel comfortable around you, and look to you for healing.

    Things You'll Need in 2011:

    • Patience

    • An education

    • Tact

    • Time to relax and have fun

  • Thanks for the reading Captain. Its funny how you say an education because it is kinda a tough road for me trying to even get my high school diploma at this point.

  • It may not be formal education - there is also the 'School of Life'.

  • oh

  • Captain,

    I have a question for you. I have a big decision to make, it failed me last spring, but the opportunity has risen again. My Birthdate is 04/20/1970.

    I want to relocate, to purchase a home, and leave the place I have been for the past 14 years.I am tired! I need this all to happen this Spring, do you see this happening? Please describe to me what you see. What kind of house will it be? Thanks.

  • Earlybaby40, this is SoSeductive777's thread. Please start your own thread by clicking on the 'Create a new topic' button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • oops sorry

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