My cancerian life is changing

  • Female, early 50's born in July 10, I do not understand the changes in my life. I had been following a relationship with a man that I was considering my soul mate. Due to the distance between the estate that he lives and mine, we text messaged one each other everyday. for one year. I thought I was going to end getting marry with him. But, suddenly out-of-nowhere, I felt that his love for me was going to be platonic for the rest of our life and one day in the chat room I met a man from another country that fell in love with me, just looking at my picture. We started this online relationship so fast that in less than a month he propose marry to me. He is coming in the next two week for to meet me and start our life together. I feel that the current of a river is dragging me somewhere without me want it. But my need of love, my loneliness, I don't know if I am doing the right thing. He is Cancer to and feel in the same way that me. What I should do? I am not sure if after we met we are going to be happy. Julliet

  • I am not an astrologer or have an creditials here but to me is that there are qualties in signs that can enhance a relationship, it depends on the person. I am a Leo, but not all Leos are the same, we invite different experience that help shape us. I would go with meeting someone new, even though he may not be "the one" and things don't work out then it was just an experience. Enjoy yourself. The man in the different state hasn't made a move and this other man is coming from another country. But be weary, does this foregin man want to be a US citizen? I say just enjoy the company and maybe this is just the start of something new for you. I would write off the other man who is not giving you what you want.

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