Why can't I stop thinking about him?

  • My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago, we were together for almost a year but still I cannot stop thinking about him when I'm alone or just have some free time after work.He did not treat me very well and is a very selfish person, all in all this relationship would never work out and I always assure myself that I did the right thing .. still he pops up everytime I let my thoughts wander for a second. I would really like to know why this is (I had multiple relationships, even deeper and longer ones than this one). Is this somehow karmic related? Maybe someone could do a reading?

    My birthday is 12th april 1991, 7:45 am. His birthday is 24th september 1990, not sure about birthtime.

    Thank you so much in advance:)

    Best regards!!

  • I don't know anything about reading nor karma, but I think that's mainly because you have too much free time or it is your fear of being alone.

    If you feel that he didn't treat you very well and is a very selfish person, it might be a blessing for you that you two broken up.

    Pickup 1 or a few hobbies, go to the gym, where you can meet new people and make new connection.

    Good Luck.

  • just my 2 cents, the more you fight your thoughts the more they will come on...love him,and let it go! but its time to focus on you...lostleo has some good advice.

    peace,light and love


  • I can relate to your feelings and concerns..... I too am in the same exact position!

    This is what I believe to be the issues that keeps us stuck.....

    I felt so strongly that this man was the one ... and my last chance to be happy ever after!

    This is how it started out!!! we were perfect for each other...

    then one day I woke up and found that I had no idea as to who this stranger was in my bed my home and my life. I had allowed this man to literally pull the wool over my eyes and pretend he was some one he diffenatly was not.. I was living in a fantasy world all my own and at times still find myself reverting back to the lies of the so hopelessly longingly wanting desires of the unreal fanasty world. It gets easier every day that I am away from him but.... it will take time.

    Give your self a break, your not alone!! Use this time to explore your inner most deepest desires and dreams , find out what really makes you tick and what you DON'T want in life, instead of focusing on what you think you want! Good Luck ! We all need it!

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  • Hi Tatum,

    While he may have been a jerk and not treat you very well you obviously loved him and love is not rational. So while you decided it was the best thing to break up (and it probably was), a part of you is still in love with him and misses him. in time you will understand why you made the decision to end the relationship and you will realise that it was right and a good idea. It won't happen while you're obsessing about it though...

    People have an effect on each other, some more than others. You can be with someone for a few weeks and struggle to get them out your head for months. You were with him for a whole year. Just take it easy, give it time and take solace in your friends and loved ones if you feel like you can't stand to be alone. This will pass. It's time to concentrate on and LOVE yourself.

    Wishing you all the best,


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  • jlinaangel - I would like to talk about that process with you!! The simplicity yet neccesity of your post struck me hard. I did a simple yet generic cleansing today while I was working. I basically asked to be freed from all the bad decisions and bad relationship encounters I have had. But would love more insight and teaching on this!!

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  • Jlina - thank you !! really. I need help . I will email you tomorrow, bc tonight I am downing myself in wine..not good..but needed....

  • Dear Tatum,

    Just think of the bad things he has done to you and say:


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  • Jlina - isent you an email !! No need to clear my stomach..lol my head..ya..just a little.....lol

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