My chart

  • I'm trying to find me in different perspective.

    What can you expects tell me from this in regards to love and life?


    Planet Sign House

    Sun Leo 11th

    Moon Libra 2nd

    Mercury Leo 12th

    Venus Leo 12th

    Mars Virgo 1st

    Jupiter Taurus 9th

    Saturn Leo 11th

    Uranus Scorpio 2nd

    Neptune Sagittarius 4th

    Pluto Libra 2nd

    House/Cusp Sign

    Ascendant Virgo

    2nd House Libra

    3rd House Scorpio

    Imum Coeli Sagittarius

    5th House Capricorn

    6th House Aquarius

    Descendant Pisces

    8th House Aries

    9th House Taurus

    Midheaven Gemini

    11th House Cancer

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