Would like a reading please

  • Would appreciate a reading DOB: 4-17-1966 Thanks

  • Dear Faithfulone,

    I would be glad to do a reading for you but would like for you to send me two questions concerning your needs.


  • Will I ever find true love(soulmate) in my liftime? What do you see in my immediate future? I have been told there is a number 2 & 3 a psychic free readings online do you see what they mean?

  • Hello Fathfulone,

    A soulmate can be one that is totally diffrent than you yourself are, therefore bringing balance and keeping you interested in many ways and always growing. I feel your need to share yourself on a much deeper level than you have before in a marriage or relationship, which is coming forward in your soul which equals your mind, will and emotions. You have grown through difficulties that have made you more able now to handle a long lasting marriage that you are now seeking. Yes you will indeed find that special man that will come into your life and turn the light on in your mind as well as your heart. He feels like an Aquaris to me. He will like freedom as much as you do yet he will give his heart to you and bring fullfillment in many ways. I hear the name of Allen here which may be someone around you or him. This man comes in with an energy of artist or very creative in what he does, yes he will make good money and be able to support you well. I feel he is dark haired and eyed and he likes to eat , not obese just a real cuddle bear. lol I feel he is close by and you should be meeting him within the next three months through a friend or at an event that you attend where I hear music playing.

    Please let me know when you have meet him and how very happy he is making you.


  • I would like to request a reading ? I would like to know if I will find love this year and who it might be. My other question is will I stay in the same district to teach that I am in now or will I move to a new one? Thank you for your time and consideration

    Love and Light

  • Thank you Shuabby..sure will let you know.

  • Dear Khemosabie,

    I feel you will stay in the same district to teach for another six months than an opening will come to the South of where you live now , which would pay more and be a more compatable environment for you.

    You will find love and not just one of the heart. You will learn to love a sunny day and be thankful in it and the joy of how a fresh flower smells when the hand that gave it to you only has eyes for you. This will be the man that you will start to visulize and make happen in your life. You must know yourself and what you need and what you are looking for in a man before he will appear in your life. I sense that you will be meeting several men over the course of the next few months and only you will deceide which one of them that you want to love dance with. I'm feeling that the blonde will really be the one that you find the most interest in.

    Please let me know how your love quest flows.


  • SHUABBY!!!! U BACK!!! I just posted a messge if anyone knows when you will be back!! I have missed you!! Was looking for you and The Captain said you have taken a break - hope it was a nice one and A BIG WELLCOME back, and hope you fine

    God Bless

  • Hello Cappies,

    Always so good to hear from you. I did take a break due to getting ready to make a long distance move. I do check in from time to time with this forum, and if directed to answer someone I do that, but I would not say I'm back on a regular basics.

    I hope that you and your family are doing well and feeling so good that you all are kicking up your heels and having fun.


  • hi shuabby, are you available to do a reading for me please? My DOB is 31st March 82. The man i am interested in is 4th Nov 67. I would like to know how he feels about me? Does it he want a friendship or a relationship?

  • Shuabby, updating I have not met him. Could I ask for a basic reading what you see for me ahead? DOB: 4-17-1966

  • Shabby.....can you please give me a reading?? DOB Jan. 5, 1981. My question is if there is a move in my future. There is a house I love-is this going to be a possibility? And also, is my relationship situation going to get better soon? His DOB May 29, 1979. Thanks!!!!

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