Ahh, Captain, please I am in need of help... Again.

  • Just last week I was speaking to you about how I was going into the Uni accommodation and everything was running smoothly apart from my nerves and feelings about the whole situation, not knowing if it was right for me to stay in this place and all that...

    Turns out its not, it was brought to my attention that I am only eligible for a discount on my Uni fee's with HEC's because I am a New Zealand Citizen. I was told a while back that I was eligible for the full price to be taken care of by the government. Now I can't afford to go until I become and Australian Citizen, this was the last straw, I had disappointment after disappointment and after I hung up the phone to the customer service lady who informed me I just broke down... In the strangest of ways, I was silent and just sat, as if in shock, then went about doing random things and eventually succumbed to crying bitter tears. I consulted my angel cards which told me it was time to go, which I understood but it didn't really help. I calmed down but ended falling into a deeper depression about the whole situation and tried to... Well, end it all :/.

    Its safe to say since this happened I have been rather... Up and down when it comes to emotions, smiley one moment and gloomy the next. This happening has taken any ambition I had with it, I just don't care anymore! Its like whatever I do is in Vain.

    Now I am getting out of where I live, I told my Mum that I will go anywhere as long as it isn't here. She doesn't understand, she never has understood me but claims that she was exactly like me when she was 15. She doesn't seem to realise I am 18 and now an adult -.-'. I am completely different from her and during this whole situation she just doesn't realise that... I want to be left alone sometimes! Her birthday is 8/06/1965 if that helps you.

    Anyway, I'm saving to go to Melbourne and I would like to know if this is the right move. I am worried that if I go down to Melbourne I won't get a job in time and I will go broke and have to move back, I know thinking this is only helping it manifest but I can't help it, I've been through it before and don't want it to happen again.

    Oh and today I felt like I was meant to know something, the feeling as if I wasn't listening hard enough so I couldn't hear what I was meant to know. I did an angel card reading and it talked of forgiveness which I don't understand and it just ended up frustrating me. Can you shed any light on this, its like when you know you've forgot something; it plagues on your mind.

    I was this close to paying a psychic for this one but decided to ask you because your more trustworthy, and bluntly honest which I like. Thankyou, I'd pay you if I could^^.

    My birthdate 30/05/1992.

    Peace and Happiness^^.

  • Who told you that you were was eligible for the full price to be taken care of by the government? Can you get a job where you are to pay the rest of the fees? Have you asked the Uni or the government if they have any other solutions? You give up too easily and get very emotional which doesn't help. Pull yourself together and stop throwing dramatics. Ask people for help and DO NOT pay for advice from psychics when there are plenty of free ones here who will help you. I feel like this is a life lesson for you - to not give up at the first hurdle and to take action, not collapse in a crying heap. If you really want to prove to your mother that you are an adult, then behave like one. If you are sure of your goal, then stick to it and fight for it.

  • A college guidance councilor did that's why when I found out I was like, gosh that lady needs to do some research. I already have a job and at the time had two but because of this I was earning hardly anything from the second due to half my pay being taxed and was spending what I did earn on taxi's . I did try looking for a full time job but it was unsuccessful, it took me months just to find the jobs that I had. And even with the job that I had I wouldn't be able to pay the fee's because it is upfront, my Mum offered some help but even then it wouldn't have been enough and because of my parents financial situation at the moment I didn't want to put that sort of burden on them.

    I understand what your saying about me giving up too easily, I do. Don't get me wrong, University is still what I want to do. And you pointing out the lesson in all of this is something I will take with me and remember in the future.

    You've definitely given me something to think about. Right now my goal is Melbourne, then once down there Uni... I have to become an Australian Citizen before that though... Suppose that's what I have to fight for at the moment. And you mentioned me asking people for help, well my Mum has somewhat forced help on me and has offered to help me with money once I'm down there, to do with bond. I'm a bit wary of how she gets when people owe her money though but might take her up on the help she's offered, same goes for my Nanna who has offered me help as well.

    Hmm, thanks for your bluntness Captain. It was the slap in the face I needed 8}.

  • I am hard on you becasue I know you can do this. I sense you have inner strength, courage, and intuitive reserves that you haven't even drawn on yet. Adversity is good for bringing that out in all of us.

  • Your right! Your words kind of put me on a high throughout the day, I felt inspired and like nothing could get in my way. Just have to hold onto that feeling ^^.

  • Indeed. Just remember - there is ALWAYS a way out of trouble. You just have to think outside the box.

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