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  • SekhmetGoddess I thought I would read all of the posts here from the beginning and this if funny but I asked you on another post if you were burning white candles. Its a must and Walmart sells them cheap or a Dollar Store. Also when you smudge with the sage do yourself and your roomie first then do the house and crack a window for the negativity to go out. And you can smudge anyone who comes to visit before they come in the door. Robert Downey Jr. does this now I saw on a show he was being interviewed on a year or so ago. Any books your looking to by look for them at www.abebooks.com they are like a dollar and up and then the shipping. Sometimes I can find free shipping if I pay a little more for the book and its still less than paying the shipping. I can send you the stones sealaskalady told you about its not a problem and I won't charge you for them. It won't be that much because I will send them in an envelope.

  • It really depends on what you are trying to cure, what area of the bagua needs to be addressed. The east is the wood element--health related issues--so, a "cure" could be as easy as going out and getting a lush, healthy plant (one within your price range!) and place it in the east quadrant. To activate a bagua, natural quartz crystals in the necessary zone is a good plan. You can find them online at healingcrystals.com. The beauty of feng shui is that you don't have to push very far from your comfort zone in order to get the results you are looking for. It usually takes one lunar cycle to start seeing the change manifest in your life. Also, how' s the clutter situation? Sometimes, we forget to get organized, expecting the Feng Shui principles to kick in on their own--much better results when you step up your overall neatness factor. Try reading Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston--really good tips to attack problem areas. Good Luck! P.S. Generally, pa-kua symbols should be used outdoors, such as to deflect negative chi coming from a big post or pointed edge caused by a nearby home or other structure.

  • Okay, you sound like your focus is all over the place, so calm down and tell yourself this process does work, if you apply it! I had the same probelm some time ago, and so I accepted the crappy feelings and just started working through it. If you run, it will follow. Realize at some level you have accepted responsibility for other people's stuff, either thru some karma or your past actions. If you know a thing or two about feng shui, then you know you can simply up and take that batch of junk to Goodwill or even to the garbage, or rent a dumpster, if you must. It takes inner strength to change. Try placing rubber stoppers in your sinks, and also over bathtub drains-- you can get really inexpensive drain covers made from plastic, to stop your chi from coming in and then heading right back out again. You can deal with the junk now because you know what the other folks didn't, that clutter causes a slew of negative effects. By getting rid of it, you are not only helping yourself, but you are sending a little good karma to the people who are leaving their junk around. On a subconscious level, they sense you know what should be done with it. Please also note, that clutter actually attracts clutter, and the sooner you solve your dilemma, the less trouble will come in from outside. Again, Karen Kingston's book, Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui gives direct instructions to handle the mess in stages, as well as positive success stories that will rev your engine to keep at it till it's done. A very inspiring book that changed my life, and may change yours as well! Keep the Faith.

  • If you are following the compass method of feng shui, the Knowledge gua is in the Northeast corner. If you need to bring some stability to your life, try placing a small ramekin (I used empty yogurt singles containers) full of salt, at least 1/2 cup's worth, in the Northeast gua and also the Southwest sector. I placed one in each corner. Nice vibe, keeps a lot of negative energy from coming in. A space clearing ritual is great, but as I understand, it's something to do after the clutter is cleared out. Clutter is such a roadblock, and while cures are wonderful, you are holding yourself back until the rest of the stuff gets managed. You can look forward to the space cleansing in a fabulous, clean, high-energy environment, the one you will have soon.

  • However, if you are using the bagua method of feng shui (Tantric Black Hat sect) then you simply place the template over your environment, visualizing the eight equal parts in the room. In this case, the Knowledge gua features in at the front-left corner of the room. Knowledge is the earth element--you will do well to bring in some pottery, and of course crystals and don't buy outside your comfort zone--so much better to do the small changes you are capable of making, so you can learn and grow with feng shui, and start seeing things manifest. If you take a minute, you might even already be seeing results from the work you've already done. Just be patient. A good idea is to get something with a gold hue in the room--gold helps to weed out the responsible parties to difficulties and get the problems attended to--even say, burning a pair of metallic gold candlesticks. You don't have to go broke making these changes--take it easy and have fun with it. It's supposed to be fun!!

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    Every one is being so helpful. I've done nothing but run all day. I just got home a few minutes ago. Its 11:52 pm US Pacific time since I really don't know where everyone elses lives. I inhaled a sandwich and chips. And got right on my post Tarot 101. To answer a question I put up three days ago. I said I'd post the answer today so. I generally like to keep my word even when I'm exhausted. Now, that, thats done.... I still have swimming pool to treat and laundry to do and well, I'm tired..

    I'll email you Libraslair and Sealaskalady when I'm done here.

    Thanks for your in put Saphirestar.

    I was wondering what happened to Gemini67.

    Peace and Unity

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    I sent you an email did you get it?

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  • Can you post your email again. I followed the previous post but it did not work.

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    I read what you said."Its suppose to be fun." I feel like I literally have a mountain to move.

    You don't know how much a pack rat can accumulate, plus persons leaving there stuff behind.

    wow, its truly a JOB! and I have not found it to be fun. But depressing. For real.

    Peace & Unity

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  • Sekhmet, I was thinking about the situation last night, and feeling a little sorry because I know how hard things can be at times--I remembered to look up your astrological sign in "The Little Book of Crystal Tips and Cures", by Philip Permutt, for Gemini, agate brings emotional security, and you can wear it to shield you from negativity. You can meditate with apophylite crystal to keep the inner calm of the meditative state after finishing your practice. I really think you'll work through this and I wish you good luck and success.

  • Stones for Virgo: Sugilite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Vanadinite, lepidolite, peridot. Stones for Libra: Tourmaline, lepidolite, ametrine, chrysoprase. Zircon can bring peace and comfort. Prosperity gemstone cure: Citrine, rose quartz and aventurine placed in the wealth gua, or southeast corner/section--you have to get all three of them and place them together. Love to all. Oh, the book again is called "The Little Book of Crystal Tips and Cures" by Philip Permutt. Peace out! Oh, and I completely forgot until this moment: PLACE A QUARTZ CRYSTAL IN AREAS THAT ACCUMULATE CLUTTER, AND WATCH IT DISAPPEAR--don't forget the cardinal rule, one lunar cycle before things kick in.

  • In my experience things can kick in before a lunar cycle. It's one of those things....it's different for each person and on if you put intention into your changes it could happen faster.

  • saphirestar,

    Thanks for all your guidance. If I had the money I'd surely get several good books.

    But seeing how I'm borrowing from Peter to pay Paul right now. Your help is great. I was told it makes a difference what year were born in, thus my post two fire horses. Can you help us? Does it make a difference. I read a couple of places that an addition is not consider part of the bagua. Is it ? Some one else said it has to been included, is that your opinion? I have a converted garage that was suppose to be a bonus room, but right now its used for storage and its not neat by far. It sits by compass in the Southeast Corner. So, is that a big problem? Is there a cure?

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    I just did a mini Feng Shui Report here on Tarot .com and it said on Chapter 6. Which is the only free-bee. figures they 'd give ya wealth so if you can come up with money You'll buy the whole report.

    Any who it said I need to put Fire Opals in my wealth sector in a blue dish. And it had a lot of other interesting things also.

    If you can afford it, it looks like a pretty good report based on your birth date.

    Peace and Unity

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to know how this works for a shared house where the person has only the use of the upstairs, I live with my mother-in-law, and we don't get on, so I have to keep out of the downstairs area, and we are also having financial problems..I am a self employed jeweller, working from home,who hasn't had a commission in a year, so trying to get part time work,while trying to fit my work and a home into three rooms, oh, and I've got a teenage son who is jobhunting too, plus an indoor rabbit in a 3x3 foot run in our living room, which is also where my workshop area is. help!

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