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  • I meant to write,

    Even if they can't put a finger on it

    What I mean by neighbors and co workers following what you are doing, my condo unit people started to clear to and then the neighborhood started to have garage sales and people helping each other do things like paint and dropping things off at good will.

  • Hi,

    Thats interesting. Its the opposite for me. People are returing to my life. And even a neighbor showed up unexpectedly and ask if I'd have a yard sale with her in two weeks, So,I guess I'm on the right track. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

  • Funny how that all works out. Maybe you made room for these people to come back into your life? So how is your room mate handling all this?

  • Hi, I was thinking maybe a Goddess Dicussion .I am now trying to learn more about Goddesses .I wanted to know also are you formilar with the seven creative spirits and if so can you explain your understanding .

  • I am not familiar with seven creative spirits or goddess

  • Hi,


    I'll start a post under Just Chat for Goddess. 🙂

    Peace & Unity

  • HI


    My room mate is handling it well thank you for asking.

    She says to me now take it in baby steps no more all nighters. I really wanted atleast the office done. I worked on it today for thirty minutes thus far. And even though its not really hard work. Its exhausting to go through all this stuff. I still have to two large boxes of documents and several small ones. Do not mention several baskets of supplies to go through. Its coming along slowly. I just wanted it done.

    Tomorrow I'll try picking up some boxes to sort supplies and a few large ones for the yard sale.

    So, how much is enough? I have alot of supplies I feel like I could open an Office Depot. Should I just sale some? How much do I keep? A dozen of each? A half dozen? I'm lost and buried. I have literally cases of office supplies.( I use to have an office away from my home, but I changed companies and now its all here.)

    And while sorting this clutter I still have the rest of the house to deal with. How long do you think "I" should work on one room dailty? Or how many rooms per day?


    Peace and Unity

  • TO Gemini67,

    Hi, I started a new post under Any Thing goes, instead of Just Chat. See, you there.


    Peace & Unity

  • there will come a point where you will take a break and things will level out. Then you will start again when you feel like it. For me when I felt stuck or wanted something to move in my life I would start again. I am still clearing. Things change. I recently got rid of this huge table I had to make room for something new to come into my life, at one time I loved this table, it was expensive and ended up selling it for about 1/5 of the value. Your inner voice or gut will guide you. Is your room mate also de-cluttering too? How much office supplies do you really need? Sell what you don't use and then there will be another time where you will want to get rid of more. There were things that I donated to non-profits like art and office supplies. I didn't look at giving away X amount of supplies - I looked at it what I will be gaining and sharing my things = prosperity. I felt good to share to those who could really use it. As far as office supplies, I have about a dozen pens, a few markers and handful of this and that. I have what I can use.

  • Work on what you can. I would focus on certain areas like my clothes and the move on to something else like my cosmetics. If you start to feel overwhelmed then take a break. If your room mate is asking to slow down, is it because she may not be ready for the kind of changes you are. It will get fun when you start noticing changes like loosing weight - once you get back into those skinny jeans and getting noticed you like the results, you want to loose more. What state are you in? Just curious.

  • Hi


    Well, I'm begrudgingly in Nevada. I want to go back east. I can't even imagine moving half this stuff.

    I worked on decluttering the office for only ten minutes more, thats it. She walked in and said "WOW"

    So, I guess I am finally making a dent in it. 🙂

    I've got a shoe box full of good pens. LOL, To give you an idea.

    I was thinking in addition to a yard sale I could box up three or four boxes and take them to Safe Nest or some where they'll be put to good use.

    Even through I only worked on it a totally of 40 mins. It made a huge difference.

    Let me not start on other parts of my home. I have enough clothes for five to six women. And house wares, it goes on and on. To night I went to a health food store to pick up a bracelet. And you know when I came out. I was thinking how much tupper ware does one person need? So, tomorrow, half is going!

    So, I can have a nice cleared shelf for vitimins. Is that crazy or what? Is that how the effects begin?

    So, I admitt tonight I'm a pack rat. My things are not me any more. They need to go.

    I'm going to even sale a sofa. Which I have had a long time and theres nothing wrong with it, I think I love my stuff . Is that insane? I have three. I have three tables. Who needs three and four of everything? No me. 🙂 any more.

    So, do you think this change will freak my roomie out?

    I hope not, I even got her to declutter her own bed room last week.

    Tomorrow I am going to get the boxes and work in this office tops thirty minutes everyday to declutter it till the yard sale. Giving up half at least of the supplies should help the Chi flow again.

    Peace & Unity

  • Maybe you are lightening your load to make a move? A little goes a long way....I use to get comments from people thinking I lost weight or if I am taller. When I changed I even looked better, younger and lighter. Your desire to change probably happend well befoe you started to clear. I think even thinking about it, planning it and talking about it is a part of the process.

    When I cleared my relationship area of my condo I recall that I use to have a garbage can there and some stains on the rug and cob webs. Man, that area was so dark and toxic. No wonder why I attracted that kind of man into my life. When I cleared that area in the same day I had two of my ex's call me to tell me that they were sorry for how our relationship ended and wanted to clear things up with me. Wow!

    Sounds like things are going good. It really is so much fun because you are taking charge, making changes and giving to those who can really use your items.

    Here are some cool websites that address energy and intention,


    www.whatsuponplanetearth.com - check out WINGS posts, Karen Bishop writes about earth energies that are taking place.

    my webiste is: www.matacodesigns.com

  • Hi


    We were wondering. Can insomnia be part of a back lash of Feng Shui (clearing)? I stopped sleeping well about five days ago. And my roomie has not slept well for three nights. We've both exhausted from lack of sleep. We thought it might have been a mischievious spirit now were not sure. Or perhaps a pyschic whammy of sorts.

    I did the tupper ware already

    Now, we have a shelf for vitimins/good health.

    I want and keep going but I'm exhausted to boot.

    Waiting your reply.

    I'll check out those web pages to night. Usually, an hour surfing the net and I'm tired. But, not the last five nights.

    No, wonder so many people don't bother or believe in Feng Shui. Its truly a job when I have so much to give and no one to give it to.....

    Peace and Unity

  • PS" I posted my picture in the Anything goes- To post or not to post a picure on Tarot.com.

    So, you can see who your helping 🙂

    I thought it was intesting that when I went to the health food store last night, the clerk told me she's a reader of faces? WOW. Ok, She was right only about one thing. ( I don't know how good the guess was since I did purchase Yellow Dock. I would guess the problem to if I was selling some one Yellow Dock.) She said Western medicines normal may not be normal for me. What do you think?

    Sorry for getting off subject, the subject is insomnia. :-l

  • I am experiencing insomnia too. Even though I have been taking sleep aids. I think with Mercury in Retrograde people generally have alot on their minds that could be the cause and shifting energy could be the cause too. I have been clearing people from my life too and ending relationships which is very heartbreaking but I know whats best for me. I know what you mean, I am tired and just want to drop. Plus, clearing and moving things you must be burning alot of calories.

    Have you done any work with the law of attracting, calling things in, intention....whatever name you give it? If you are not start reading on this topic because when you start implementing Feng Shui you should use intention when you place things.

    Back to your original message regarding bad luck, what kind of things are/were happening to you and your roomie?

    Funny you mention face reading because I was thinking about that today. When you get into Feng Shui you may come across Feng Shui for the face. I think people can see things like that. I have been highly intuitive today (something that I asked for more situations where my intuition is on....I was having breakfast at a cafe and I was thinking of this man who use to hit on me but he was too old and I just wasn't interested. Out of the blue I thought of him and BAM he walks in five mins later.

  • Oh and another thing that I have manifested is helping people with clearing clutter and Feng Shui. A few weeks ago I thought that I just want to help people for the love of it and sharing my knowledge because I am so grateful where I am in my life and what Feng Shui has done for me. Thanks for sharing your pic.

  • Hi


    I don't even know where to begin. I guess it started with the first visitor to my home this year.

    I believe that the first visitor sets the tone for the year. I maybe wrong, but it doesn't seem that way. He was just a user.

    I've been through the ringer. First I'm in an awful divorce, and awful financial positon.

    I was diagnosed with a werid unexplainable blood disorder in 11/03. That I believe my husband had some thing to do with that because he is a chemist. Which continues today, I was a passenger in a car accident in 6/07( which I knew was going to happen, but I was ignored) then attacked by a girlfriends k9, in 9/07.( Which I never went in the house unless he was put up. The kids let him out and didn't tell us) Thats when I truly knew husband only married me for my money.( Which honestly I knew that to.) So, being hurt and injured the scum bucket walked out on me. ( and I knew that to. I just didn't want to believe he was a scum bucket) Not to mention how lazy he was, he wouldn't lift a finger to do anything let alone bring me a glass of water. I couldn't even walk. He walked out on me 3/08. Since then I've been trying to put my life back together. Kinda hard for a workaholic not to be able or caple of working any more. Thats how the house became cluttered. No help from any one. I'm sick and injured. Now, I face a really unknow future. ( Expect I know everything is about to change whether I want it to or not.) All on my own. My roomie met me when I was at a temple/ book store where I advise for the head holy person. Whos deslusion relative thought I cursed them unbelievable, hun. So, I and she were outs in April or May of 08. I don't remember. By 9/08 she could no longer afford her apartment and moved in with me. She was here all the time any way. We believe we have been traveling through time for at least two thousand years or so. Or so we believe. I know her thoughts before she speaks. She always says get out of my head or atleast let me say what you already know. 🙂

    So, as things got tougher I tried to rent another room in my house out. But only men and women answered the ad with other motives. YUK! ( I'm no longer trying)

    I go from one accident to another. One illness to another. I feel like whats the point of living if this is all life has to offer. Are problems and confidence men and women. Which includes my husband.

    For an example last month I had to have emergency surgery and I had complications( Which I knew I needed but put it off as long as possible till it became critical) It took me four times longer than a normal person to recover, my comupter died, and my pool system needed to be over halled. When does it stop? I've given up on love. I believe its a fairy tale that doesn't exist. And I no longer look. Well, you asked. Know you know some. So, I thought if I started to clear out all the clutter things would change. Thats why I've been trying so hard. My roomie doesn't like to clean either. So, its all on me. The house, the pool, the decluttering, ect.... I'm a Gemini born in the year of the Horse. And as I understand there is four neutral months and eight negitive ones. In this year of the OX. No, better for my roomie, she is a Cancer born in the year of the horse as well.

    It seem like nothing were trying is working. but both being horses were dedicated and strong spiritually.

    We started a web page but were having difficulty getting anyone to advertise for us.

    And no matter how hard she tries she can't even get it together enough to help me pay the lease or utlities. And I'm the disabled person. So, now what? I can't throw her out she's my friend. We have been trying to get this right for over two thousand years. What am I going to do?

    So, I'm trying everything. Prayers. Rituals, Fen Shui, ect.. I'm trying everything. I'm only one person. I hope didn't over load you. I normally never tell any body anything any more.

    Other little things about me, I'm an empath, I have the ark of a teacher in my hand, and The Seal of Solomon's square dead center in my palm. I've been told by many honest pychics, "Why are you here?, you already know.You should do a reading for me." I say because I like your company. Who wants to always know every thing a head of time?

    I guess the best description is, I CLAIRSENTIENCE. And if I don't pay attention at all times horrilbe things happen. I know I was going to need surgery, I know I was going to get hurt, I knew the PC was going to go down. Is this really a gift? Who wants to know? I can't stop a thing, I've tried. I even warned people about there death. And of course they didn't listen, they thought I was nuts. But they died just the same, just the way I told them and there families, I pleaded for them to listen and now there dead. Free will and all.

    I warned only two people who actully listened. And maybe thats why I still try. one women came to me for a reading. I loathe delivering bad news. But she listened. I saved her life. I told her she had a tumor in her abdomen. She left an unbeknowst to me went straight to the hospital. Where they found a nearly eight pound maligant tumor. I didn't see her for a couple of months I thought I scared her. Instead with tears in her eyes she returned to give me a gift. I didn't want to take the gift but she insisted. The other was a mother with a sick child, I told her take him to the hospital your doctor sucks. He had cancer. His a health teenager today. Only two in all the people,listened. I can only be responible for my own actions. Not that of delusional people. I am a hermit. I don't like going in public at all. And do not like to many visitors in my home any longer. Do I sound nuts?

    Like this one I know my car is going to have a problem in the next six weeks. And just like the surgery, I'll wait for that alternator to goes out.

    And the insomnia to me, has always been a warning of some thing horrible coming.

    Well, waiting for your response,

    Peace and Unity

  • I totally understand. No you are not nuts. I think a majority of us who are on this site are here to validate our gifts and to find acceptance. I have friends who think I am nuts but I don't care because this is real. When reading your story I felt like I was reading my own on some parts. I too had such bad luck. I was pretty down and out but I feel that clearing helped me turn my life around. Continue what you are doing.....it's a process. I know that doesn't sound promising at this point but write down your intentions and focus on the good.

    I too predict deaths. It's a hard thing to carry around. I would walk by someone and a voice in my heads says, that person is going to loose their brother this weekend and that weekend that brother passes. I can write a book about these thoughts. I don't share them with people ahead of time because 1. they will think I am nuts and 2. I am not sure why I have this "gift"

    Do you want to via phone? I can get into things more if I talk. No charge whatsoever. Like I wrote, I just feel like helping total strangers just because. You have my website but contact me at this screenname@hotmail and we can exchange numbers. I have unlimited long distance on my home phone.

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  • SekhmetGoddess you answered my question that I asked you on another thread right here.

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