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  • I and my roomie have been having extremely bad luck all the way around. We went to Feng Shui store the the owner was pushing us to buy a Five Element Pagoda it has five different metals. It was pretty how ever, if we were doing okay it wouldn't be a problem to purchase. But, she wanted $80.&tx. Another shop keep had one in simple brass but it wasn't as pretty it was still 36.&tx. Are there other cures that don't cost as much or that we can do with things we already own in the house?

    The 5 E Pagodo is suppose to be placed in the North. I really we believe the issue is from the East. Whats a good inexpensive cure? We really can not afford expensive cures like 3 Chi Lins in Brass. The little ones were priced $120.and up, yikes!

  • Hey I wondering if you feng shui the main floor of the home and change of the energy and see if that works .Also put what you want in the search engine and go down the list of result that should be helpful far as cheapest prices.In addition have you heard of charcoal and muticolor rocks to cleanse the home .I am not sure of the exact problem however this should be benefical as well as crystals .Which can be obtained at Healingcrystals.com Selenite is excellent .Well fellow Gem I hope some of this if not all is helpful feel free to let me know how things work out or if can give you anymore ideas . Peace for now .

  • Thanks Gemini67,

    I can use all the advise I can get.

    The problem is this simple. I've had a lot of people come and go from my life. And leave all there stuff with me. In addition I have a lot of stuff of my own to go through. I feel like I need CHI Draino. Do you know what I mean? I fell like the whole flow is blocked up. My home office

    (E side) was only second to being the worst cluster of eveything. The worst is a storage room in the SE corner. I'm trying my best to declutter. It sucks! How did it get like this? So, I'm trying. I've read the books. But I'm trying to implement the cures while decluttering. I know the books say to wait but the process is depressing me. My understanding is the SE corner is prosperity. And so is the home office no matter where it is located in the house. Also, the books I've read say the home office is the center for Creativity. I even pulled an all nighter last week and didn't get the office cleared.

    I went to a Feng Shui store and the owner was trying to sale me the five element Pagoda as a cure to whats going on.. But thats suppose to go in the North. By the 2009 Eight Trigram Grid.

    So, I'm trying to be creativity during this tough times. I feel like if the Chi was flowing things would get better for me and my roomie. Now you know. Whats your take?

  • Well as you know the creativity space is for children.So consider the fact that children and new birth new beginnings etc.Therefore you dont want that blocked your office and books should be in your knowledge corner.Fortunately if you can not move it do the coins cure and place white in the area as well as white candles as it will give new energy.What I'm feeling is that you may need to burn sage and what that do is transfer negative energy into higher vibrations and clear the space.I as a rule really do not let to many people in my personal space meaning my home just like said it will leave spiritual reside behind you must be very sensitive to them as I am.Remember as a Gemini we pick up on everybody else stuff and often times have to retreat to restore ourselves so if people are leaving themselves behind where do you have a place to retreat.When is your birthday if you don't mine me asking mine is June 7.Also did you check out the site healingcrystals.com you might want to get some rose quartz

  • Hi, Gemini67

    No, i don't mind you asking, my bday is June the 8th. I haven't gotten around to looking into healingcrystats.com but I will. I'm sure I'll love it. BTW which corner is the knowlegde corner?

  • The Bagua — Knowledge

    In order to recognize the opportunities and abundance that activating the energies of Feng Shui Knowledge will draw to you AND to tap into the wisdom present to make your best choices, address the Feng Shui Knowledge and Self-Cultivation gua located in the front, left-hand corner of the house or main floor. (Refer to ‘How To Use Your Feng Shui Baqua Knowledge Sector’ for further directions.)

    The color associated with KNOWLEDGE AND SELF CULTIVATION is BLUE.

    Feng Shui Tip

    Place eight blue marbles,crystals or stones into this area. Or, place a bookcase filled with books that relate to your life’s aspirations. Or, do both.

    You can go to astrology.com and go to the Feng Shui section and you will see the Bagua .also if your not familar with the site explore it I found it to be very helpful in my self devolopment and further knowledge .I hope this helps .

  • Thanks Gemini67, could you help with the left hand corner. Is that walking in or out? Do you know it by directions IE: S,N,W,E ect? I have not really explored Astrology. com I tried it once and didn't care for it. But I can take a second look. Sekhmet

  • The Bagua — Introduction

    Bagua Board

    Roll over the bagua map to explore this tool and find Feng Shui tips in each area! Click here to buy now


    This area speaks to your issues involving abundance, prosperity and money.

    Fame: Integrity/Community

    This area revolves around external recognition and how others percieve you.

    Marriage & Partnerships

    This gua focuses on loving thoughts and loving energies.

    Family: Friends & Ancestors

    This gua represents your foundation, your tribal ties and the accumulated energies of your predecessors and peers.


    The dead center of the board represents mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

    Children & Creativity

    This area replenishes the wellspring within and represents the ability to creatively transform intention into matter.

    Knowledge & Self Cultivation

    This gua will help you to tap into wisdom and recognize the opportunities and abundance of Feng Shui energies.


    Activating this sector will allow you to connect with the energies of what it is that you were born on this planet to do.

    Beneficial People & Travel

    Concretize your connections with a Universal life-force, polarize support from the seen and the unseen realms and travel with ease and comfort.

    The Bagua (pronounced ba-gwa) is a color chart with nine boxes. Each box represents a specific life situation that can be correlated with a specific part of your home or office. By using the bagua color chart to divide your space, you can improve your quality of life by importing your environment. To Feng Shui your space, follow the easy steps below.

    In your mind's eye (or, even on an actual blueprint) visualize the space that you are attempting to Feng Shui as a perfect square or rectangle. (Note: Do not include any spaces built as additions. These areas get Feng Shui’d separately within the bagua).

    Now, divide this space into nine equal squares or grids, like a Tic-Tac-Toe board.

    This grid is known as the Feng Shui bagua map. (Please see illustration in top right corner; use this application to navigate through the bagua and find tips in each section.)

    Align the bottom of the board with the same wall that includes the front or formal entrance way. This is the door that the building intentioned as the formal entrance. It does not matter what door you use the most often. We are only speaking of the front door.

    Your entrance, then, will fall into one of the three front or bottom grids (individually called 'guas') on this Feng Shui bagua map.

    Your entrance through the bagua map will fall into Knowledge or Career or Helpful People. There are no exceptions to this. Sometimes, though, your entrance will 'stradle' or 'bleed' into two different areas. This is fine. Just remember to divide the main floor into nine equal spaces as if there were no standing walls in the house, and it were an empty plane to work with.

    Standing at the threshold with your back to the street side, you are now ready to identify which locations correspond to the energies of which sector on the grid of the bagua.

    Although the basement, second and third floors in the home/office should eventually be appropriately assessed, for immediate and accurate Feng Shui response, we are only superimposing this bagua map onto what would be considered the main floor. You may, additionally, center this grid over any individual room and begin to Feng Shui as the macrocosm to the micro. But, we like to use the pecking order of; main floor first, master bedroom second, living room third, and outside property last.

    You can even employ this method of superimposing this bagua over the top of your desk using your seating as the 'entryway.'

    Be sure to remember that one of the three energetic grids that lie along the same wall as the front door will always be your entranceway, and the rest of the Feng Shui bagua remains fixed according to that entry. (For example, if money is an issue or concern, then stand stationary at your front entrance with your back to the street. Now, where is the far back left-hand wall located? That’s right: the wall that is farthest left and to the back of the whole space, that’s the Wealth area of the bagua map. Now, make an adjustment to stimulate the Chi and watch your fortunes become fruitful. See? Easy!

    This method of employing the bagua is considered Western (or Black Hat Feng Shui) and disregards the more traditional practice of using compass directions and/or personal astrology in defining space/issue boundaries.

  • Good day Sekhmet, as you walk in that is your left of the room which means you are walking through you career and the left of that is your knowledge corner .also maybe you would like ivilliage.com they also have astrology and other free classes right over the computer .I hope this is helpful until later hope all is well.

  • Wow, the Bagua is so different from the tradional. Thanks I did go to Astrology.com I do like them. It was the WC I didn't really care for. Thanks 🙂

  • You are welcome .I really see them difference in my life since following the Bagua .Especially the fame area .However ,all the fame wasn't good around the time of Venus retrograde .Fortunately ,it have settle down .Will you try this way and do you see how you are suppose to do it .I draw the 9 squares and then wrote the info for each and also colored them .The two prettiest are the love corner and children .I was thinking even if you can not do it exaactly like you like jsut make sure you property is still in those area as you will still see a difference due to the fact that you will be stirring up the energy .Well to later take care . BTW are you doing something special for the new moon that falls in our sign .

  • As far as the bad luck I would consider who was in the space before you? I would do a good space clearing before you implement any "cures" - if you don't, then it come magnify the problem. If you burn sage, or use clearing sprays and clear the clutter. People who occupied the space before you can be some or all of the cause. Their conciousness is imprinted in that space. Also consider that there are about 11 schools of Feng Shui, and there are alot of sites out there so be careful. Feng Shui is powerful and it couldhave reserve effects.

  • I forgot to add....when I first learned about Feng Shui I was down and out. I didn't have any money and I tell you it was the hardest time in my life. So I just did what I could with what I had. Then as time passed, I earned more money as a result of implementing Feng Shui and it turned my life around. As a result of learning about Feng Shu and helping my friends I studied under two masters and now I am a consultant. There are many good books out there but here are some of my favorites (especially for beginners) -

    Any books by Kathryn Terrah Collins

    Any books by Karen Kingston

    www.tchiconsulting.com-she has some good short videos

  • Thanks Gemini67 & sealaskalady,

    What type of sprays are you talking about? I have been spraying a citrus based oil spray. For clearing and cleaning. Is that a good choice? Yes, I'm trying to clear the clutter. However, there's a lot and I'm only one person. I do believe that a imprint my be here. Not of only who lived here while I did, but proir to me.

    Thanks for all the advice.

  • Hi Gemini67,

    What type of special some thing for the new moon are you talking about? Would you want to start a new post under any thing goes? Or just remain here. Like a ritual or prayer? What do you typical do? 🙂 Peace and Unity

  • I have used

    to a keyword search for "Alaskaessences" or go to www.tchiconsulting.com

    I am not sure about what you are using but I use these and found to be effective

    I totally understand about clearing because I use to overwhelm myself with all the things I had but I just set goals like, every day I will get rid of one bag of clutter. Break it down and it becomes more managable. There will be things that you hang on to and as time passes you will eventually get rid of it. When you go through clearing note that you may have some emotions that come up. When I did mine I recall that I would cry every morning. It's a part of releasing. So if you have mood swings and not PMSing then the clearing is most likely the cause.

  • Well, yea after throwing away eleven bags out of my office and plenty more to go. The next day I was ill and depressed. And two more days past that. Thats seems to be the emotion I'm hitting after clearing is depression. It sucks. So, how do I stay motovated to keep going if the temporary effect is depression????

  • Gee that is a hard one. I read articles on line or books and new what was at the end of the tunnel -- something new for me and a new life right around the corner. Try taking salt baths after you do your space clearing or something that is rewarding to you. I would sometimes feel nauseated. That is all that energy you are moving. Maybe take a short break.

  • sealaskalady-OK a bath sounds good. 🙂

  • After a certain point you will be motivated to clear more and more because you will start to have new experiences and see things more clearly. Also remember that you may loose friends or relationships that needed to go. I recall when I did my clearing I started to have falling out with friends and ending old relationships -- people can be clutter too. Also, if you experience people rejecting you for no reason they are experiencing a new you and don't know how to take you -- even if they put a finger on it. Also, watch to see what your neighbors or co workers follow. It's not all bad because there were neighbors that use stick their noses up to me and then they started to talk with me. Just note that your relationships will change as well.

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