Sometimes I wish i could do more

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  • Hey sweetie

    Oh i know that feeling all too well. Its a tough balance to learn n set to use.

    It has a name. Containing. It basically mean one contains what is said n entrusted without it getting under ur skins. It doesnt get ur issues.

    Its tough bc it is a thin line from either "knock it off", "cry at someone elses", " i dont give a hoot" or "u feel all they feel n experience the same, u allow soaking their projection issues."

    ill elaborate.

    person1 emotions issues => you listener( your container showing understanding)


    person 1 emotions issues => you listener getting fed up fight ensues loss of friendship

    person1 emotions issues => you listener soak it all up which is projected, u deal with it n she he walks as if nada happened to them

    person 1 emotions issues => you listener winds up making the situation n issues all about u n person 1 is left unheard uncared misunderstood.

    all these has a very thin fine fragile line between them

    so darling AW86 pat urself on ur shoulder. U did the best of jobs, u contained n only contained.

    Give urself a gift for a job well done. I know i am.

    love n light


  • This post is deleted!

  • yw sweetie!

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