Chris1962 can you please answer?

  • Chris1962, you seem knowledgable, can you please tell me your feelings on my situation?

    I have been dating somone for over a year. We are very much in love but he is going through a divorce which makes our situation difficult. I want a life with him. He wants the same with me, but sometimes it's impossible for him to think about that while he's going through this divorce. His ex didn't want a divorce and she is making it very difficult on us both and doing everthing to keep us apart. We don't get as much time together as we want and the space is saddening and hard on the relationship, but for me I feel it's worth it to wait this out becuase we are so great and otherwise happy together.

    What are your thoughts? I am a Leo and he is a Capricorn.

    Thank you!

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