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  • Hey Im a Taurus girl (May 6th to be exact) and 2 months ago my Scorpio (Nov 1st) bf of a year broke up with me (5 months on and off/7 month long distance) under some crazy circumstances leaving me hurt angry and confused. The week or better yet many months before Black Friday (when the trouble began), he was very loving, sweet, passionate and caring but yet brutally honest. We finally got the chance (about 2 months before the breakup) to actually see each other since I was going to school at NY and he wanted me to move in with him and offered to help pay my share if I couldn't come up with anything. He was estastic!

    But about 4-5 weeks before, I move in he tells me its getting bad up there, economy wise and alot of crime is going on and something more specific about and bad roomie situation he didn't want me involved in. So he tells me, he'll move back to Richmond and tries to convince me to go with him because theirs film school there. GOOD NEWS-IM ABLE TO TRANSFER TO RICHMOND! He's overjoyed happy that I get to move in and even tells me (after I say I have a feeling we'll be together for a while) he couldn't see himself without me and I'll see a grown man cry.

    A few days later I get a txt saying sorry but Im leaving again. When I ask, he says everything he does messes up. Without explaining much, he reveals that thiers some unresolved tension between him and his family and a family crisis happened. He didn't tell me too many details. I tried to console him at first not without telling him it was unfair to not tell me exactly whats going on. At first he's stubborn, then when I give him options he becomes defensive, angry moody and insensitive. When I start to cry (I say you're not coming back are you) he tells me not to cry because it doesnt solve anything. I just got off the phone. He txts me 5-10 minutes later saying I see u crying stop it it wont solve anything.

    Pissed but understanding I txt him a few encouraging words of love and hope. He gets pissed about his BATTERY DYING!!!! I decided not to txt him after this but early in the morning he txts me good morning. I ask him about his battery he gets pissed and defensive. I tell him sorry about the emotional altercation (I never said anything mean) he says its ok I saw how I felt and you saw how you felt. But I decide to just take on this battle another time. He told me he'll call me on the next flight to Miami. I told him not to and he needs to get his head together and that I wished him the best and loved him, telling him he can talk to me anytime. HE GETS PISSED ABOUT THE BATTERY!!!! WHAT?????

    I dont txt him a week after this. (The last thing I told him was I was just txting you bcuz my phone was about to get cut off and the last thing I wanted to tell you was that I loved you. ) A couple days after this I tell him my phone's back on and he can talk or txt me anytime, love you, wish you good luck!!!! HE tells me about how I killed his BATTERY. I tell him it was silly when he txt and called just to b**ch about it. HE txts me DUCES (as in im done).

    Fed up I tell him its his loss especially since I tried to be there for you and just encourage you and on top of that Im not going to be disrespected by a guy that can't spell deuces!!!! And that was the end of our relationship. I took time off (2 months of no contact) to focus on me and look at it objectively but I still care for him and miss him especially since we we're great before this happened.!!!!! I recently saw him on Facebook (he got one on Christmas of this year the month we broke up-hmmm, right after saying he's doesnt need one or want one at all ) and I began to think of him.

    Do you think he's over me? (he always comes running back to me somehow-and always looking forward for me to initiate contact when I usually didnt) Or do you think I should just check up on him and try to initate contact? PLLLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!

    P.S; He was my first love (I never really like alot of less mature or dumb guys) and I was the best girlfriends he's ever had (in his eyes) we're both young adults (18) if that helps.

    Also, do you think he respects the fact I stood up too him thorugh the text and haven't spoken to him since he was rude to me (do you think he feels bad?)

    (November 1st-91 scorp and may 6-92 taurus)

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  • Hello Asia118x... When I started to read your post I took you for older than what you are, the reason for that was your maturity on handling your situation. So for a girl of only eighteen you are already remarkable in your intuition and analysis of a relationship. This young man was not being considerate of your feelings and you have been able to constrain yourself which is smart and admirable. If you hear from him listen to what he has to say and then be firm about setting your boundaries and expectations, this will allow you to choose not only what you want ..BUT what you need in a relationship. Sending good vibes your way...... Leonida

  • Why thank you for the compliment, Leonida. After being through a tough relationship with my father and observing my mother and father's poor relationship, I try my best with relationships. Being that its my first one, and I really cared/loved him, I think it hurts but Ive been living my life and discovering a more radiant me in order to look at the relationship objectively. Im glad I haven't contacted him since (2 months ago) but I am curious to know, do you think he might contact me (he usually does throughout the course of our off/on relationship)? The reason I ask is because he recently got a Facebook after we broke up when he never cared for one or wanted one, I think he might be stalking me lol, what do you think about him?

  • Your welcome Asia, Well now, as for him he is not expressing himself here so we just have to guess, It is possible he will contact you via facebook just be calm and cool no rush be wise and you will figure what his intentions are, every relationship is a learning process and a very important lesson in your life it will teach you what.... AGAIN I WILL SAY....... you want and need in a partner.

    Just remember to listen to what he has to say when he sends you messages and I am sure if he is still interested he will,,,, if not it may be that he is just not ready for a permanent relationship, Do not take it personal just carry on as you are and someone new will come along and you will joyfully put this all behind you......... Leonida

  • Thank you so much! I think he was just being pretty self absorbed at the time and even if he was going through alot I dont deserve to be treated that way instead of being outright ugly, I just let be and acted as if I didnt care (love my comment-the disappointed you couldn't spell deuces, hit me up when you need spelling lessons might need it one day) I told him it was his loss and he'll be the one unhappy not me and that was might cowardly of him to txt me that after I was nothing but suppportive and nice to him. I just hated how it ended since nothing was seriously wrong at all before this crazy dilemma happened. Do you think he cared/still cares about me? Do you think I stood up for myself well?

  • If he still cares you will hear from him, and YES you did the right thing for you. Leonida

  • Thank you so much I'll tell you what happens if he does. I kinda just want to express my feelings about it in an objective way because things were so abrupt. If he contacts me, for the most part that'll be how far it goes but if he does so some signifigant change and I do mean SIGNIFIGANT, I'll consider but I defenitely will tell him how I felt and why it is so hard for me to look past what he did unless he makes a huge effort to make it up (but I'll have to see that before I rush into things). Do you think that might be a good idea Leonida?

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