Is my sences getting back on take or is it fear?

  • I'm an Empath along with some other psychic things that have been happening to me.But i have bouts of what feels like a wall up and i know that what i need and want is just on the other side of the wall,but no matter how hard i try i just can not seem to get on the other side.Then i came to realize that i have a great deal of stress in my life right now and i feel that maybe it is this that is affecting me to make simple choicies right now and when i ask for guidess now,it sounds like a lot of people are talking at the same time and really fast,i can not make sence of anything? Alot of my stress right now is that me and my boyfriend had to just a week ago go live with friends because my BF lost his job,and there is none in sight right now,I try to pick up on something and all i pick-up on is nothing,it just makes me jumpy.We have a chance to move to another state and start over again and this i'am sencing that it would be a good move,and then when i try to look for a time line all i get is all that fast mumbling again? What is holding us back from moving?,Money,and i can not pick-up on nothing? I do not understand? And sometthing else that has had me jumping out of my skin lately is that we had these supose to be friends and i have always picked up on that the man is evil,very dangerous.and i also picked up that his girlfriend is not to be trusted at all either,well my BF has trust in me and we no longer see these people,but the guy really has a problem with my BF and wants to fight him cause he said that he has fought everyone of his friends,thats how he gets respect.I told him that he is a bully and my BF will not fight him cause my BF is not like that.This guy called my BF the other night a threatened the both of us,now this guy drinks on a daily basses and does drugs like pills,coke and weed.I know that he is very messed up in the head and now more than ever i'am sencing such danger that it is making me so jumpy,but also i have all of this stress and not being able to tell if things are gonna work out or not for me and my BF,maybe that has been making me jumpy too?, I do not like questioning myself but then again i have never heard and felt such clatter in me, i feel like i'm ready to sign up for a trip to the funny farm soon. Any advice,reading or good swift kick in the rear is Welcomed right now.

  • I think you are right to be cautious of this man but you can't let him make you live in fear all the time as it is blocking your senses as you thought. If you get all stressed out, he wins. I do feel this man's unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle is about to catch up with him.


    Being an empath can be stressful in itself (I speak from experience!), a lot of the time its hard to distinguish between your own feelings and those of others. So be aware that the fear may not be all your own. You need to meditate to find your quite center. Mentally create a 'bubble' around yourself that keeps out the thoughts and feelings of others. Don't try to break down the wall that provides you with inspiration. Just find that inner peace, mentally block out the 'voices' and find your quite center. As your stress level lowers you will be more open to inspiration. Don't try to sense others for a while, you don't need the emotional overload.

    You were right to trust your talent in regards to this couple, and you know you need to stay out of their way until as TheCaptain says 'his dangerous lifestyle catches up with him'.

  • Captain, Thank-you,This is reasuring as i have picked-up on many of times that all of his bad ways will catch up with him and then he will see that there is something that can beat him and that is the Law. I'm gonna up my shielding,and meditating and will be staying far away from him and we will not answer any more calls from this guy. I was wondering if you picked up on this move that we want to make,i feel that it would be a good move if we both put ourselfs into it,but then again we do not have a whole lot of other positive ophions right now that feel as good as this one does.

  • RUKARGI,Hello

    Thank-you, I'am gonna take your advice to heart and i plan on uping my shielding myself and lots more meditating.And i will get all that static to quit down.I will be staying far away from that couple as i will not go down with them. 😉

  • 🙂

  • Did you know that there is a huge difference between shielding yourself and shutting yourself off/down? In the first instance, you are reassured by and feel safe in the knowledge that the Universe is protecting you and that your best defences are your confidence and strength in being able to handle anything that comes to you. In this state your intuition is alert and open to sensing everything and everyone that may come.

    In the second instance, out of fear of what you might see or feel, you close down the very senses that could help you in your situation. The danger is still there - you are just trying to ignore it and hope it will go away. This is when it becomes dangerous for you because you 'blind' yourself to what is around you. By shutting down your psychic senses that pick up the bad energy and putting up a 'wall', you also stop any good energy, like love and abundance, coming to you as well. Better to be aware, than not.

  • Dear Captain, Yes i see that now that you point that out to me,thank-you.Today i had to drive in and back out of a dangerous town that ,that guy is often seen in,i tryed to control my fear by knowing that the Universe and God are protecting me.After i got back home i recived a message loud and clear,in a woman's voice,she said,' boy you just made it back out of that town,ruben drove by one road just as you turned onto another road.' And i somehow just knew that and felt everything she said to me. On another note,something i just rememberd i wanted to ask you,In a couple towns away from me there is a paid psychic that has a cute little shop that set's just off the main highway that i travel through a couple times a month,well everytime i'm getting close to her shop i start tingling all over and then i hear a voice that says',i need to talk to you.'everytime i pass by.Why would something like this happen?and i'm bad at remembering names but hers i can not get out of my head,"stephine" it is.I'm only use to having people that have pasted on attach to me,not a psychic?

  • Well, that shows you how much protection you have, doesn't it? The universe is making sure you and that loser of a man don't come into contact.

    The psychic woman thing a message from your guides. They are just letting you know what it's about by contacting you as you go past the shop - that it involves your own psychic senses. It's not about that Stephine woman but about you using your own gifts more to help others (and yourself) like she does.

  • It all makes perfect sence now and as i read your words i senced it again,I guess sometimes we just need a couple reminders and some warm encouraging words,Thank-You and Many Blessings 😉

  • You are very welcome. 🙂 You might even do readings here on this forum when you are ready.

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