What Needs To Be Said? The Unsealed Letter: February's Leo Full Moon

  • a message from Lynda Hill

    Please excuse the length of this letter; I do not have time to be brief. Anon

    Better than a thousand useless words is one single word that gives peace. Better than a thousand useless verses is one single verse that gives peace. Better than a hundred useless poems is one single poem that gives peace. The Dhammapada

    Afraid lest he be caught up in a net of words, tripped up, bewildered and so defeated—thrown aside—a man hesitates to write down his innermost convictions. William Carlos Williams

    It is wise to disclose what cannot be concealed. Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

    A writer is dear and necessary for us only in the measure of which he reveals to us the inner workings of his very soul. Count LeoTolstoy

    Never write a letter while you are angry. Chinese Proverb

    A secret is like a dove: when it leaves my hand it takes wing. Arabian Proverb

    February's Leo full Moon falls on February 18. The Sabian Symbol is Leo 30: An Unsealed Letter Has Vital And Confidential Information.

    ‘An Unsealed Letter’ is an image of words or thoughts, letters, notes or messages. They have been written, but as the ‘Letter’ is ‘Unsealed’, they have not been ‘Sealed’ in an envelope. ‘Vital and Confidential Information’ implies that important messages and information may need to be concealed from others, however, maybe things need to be out in the open? Being ‘Unsealed’ shows that it is possible that others want to be shown (or peek at) what’s been said or written. There could be important papers lying around, or perhaps they are lost amongst other papers and proving difficult to find.

    Getting your thoughts out by speaking them or writing them down can lead to a greater understanding about people and situations. If there is a message that you wish to spread, you will be able to do it now. When this is done out in the open people can benefit from it. Communicating in a trusting, carefree way leads to doubts being dispelled. However, are your ideas, thoughts and emotions feeling exposed because you have been too trusting and “worn your heart on your sleeve”? Pausing to reflect can be advantageous. Sometimes we have very strong feelings about a person or a situation, but caution is called for as these can change with time. You may regret someone having seen or learnt what’s been on your mind. It also shows writing books, articles, e-mails along with verbal messages of all kinds. The ‘Vital and Confidential Information’ is obviously something important. Should it be shared with all or only a few? Remember to employ integrity in what's said and thought.

    This full Moon is a particularly potent one as Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron are all conjunct (together with) the Sun and opposite the Moon. This can pose a bit of a problem as words, thoughts, desires, actions, etc, may be hard to sort through, make sense of, be correctly heard, or be directed in the right way. This is definitely a time to use your filters to see what the true need is.

    The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Aquarius 30: Moonlit Fields, Once Babylon, Are Blooming White. This degree can show things that you thought you could trust or rely on could be, in actuality, falling apart. Perhaps a situation that was 'set in stone' is now crumbling in some way and you have to make a move or changes. It could be that your situation has supported you for some time but it's changing and there's a need to throw out the old and welcome the new. Further, the 'Blooming White' can show a flowering or rewards that are coming through now from past efforts. However, these rewards could be short-lived and there could be a need to get back to work.

    Keywords: Rewards coming through from past generations. The feeling of ancestors surrounding one’s present deeds. Alchemy. Loss of ancient civilizations. Reverence for things from the past. The Middle East and all things middle-eastern. Belly-dancing. Rebirths of old civilizations. Grandeur. Seeds of the past flowering into the fruits of the present. Records. Fields that were once Avalon.

    The Caution: Disbelieving because there are no rational structures or support. Destroying ancient lands or monuments because of religious beliefs or greed. The devastation and ruin of Iraq in order for the modern world to succeed. Projecting the sins of the world onto people or places that are foreign.

    A few quotes to illuminate the Moonlit Fields, Once Babylon:

    Man has been crying since ancient times about the deterioration of civilization. Jason Lewis

    The earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly. Woody Allen

    Chiron, the Wounded Healer and the archetype of 'the stories we tell ourselves', has now moved into Pisces. It's on Pisces 1: A Crowded Public Market Place. This speaks of issues of making money, being out in the market place, advertising, networking, promoting, paying the bills, bartering, bargaining, the economy, trade embargoes, big business, the stock market, advertising, etc. Just how plugged into the system are you? Do you need to be? How does it benefit you? Are there issues of being ripped off, exploited, left behind financially?

    [Pisces 1 is the last degree of the Piscean Age as we move backwards through the ages and into the Age of Aquarius. Chiron (and soon, Neptune) on this degree is amplifying the liminal point between The Moonlit Fields That Were Once Babylon (this can refer to Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, the ancient lands) and the Public Market (the internet, the stock market, banks, industry, trading, insurance companies, big business, the war industry, etc.)

    Neptune is conjunct the Sun on Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis. This can show the need, or the desire, to come out of one's cocoon, to emerge, to spread one's wings, to grow into something more beautiful, creative or meaningful. It can be about finding one's feet, metamorphosis and transformation, huge changes in the works, giving up struggling, the drama of a new life unfolding, slow building of confidence, leaving yesterday behind and generally finding one's place in the scheme of things.

    Mars is right in amongst the action on Aquarius 27: An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Fresh Violets. This is asking that we stay with purity of thought, actions and emotions.

    Keywords: Returning to ancient sources. Flower and herbal remedies. Beauty. Setting standards for society. Slowing down the tempo to get to the purity of something. Watering the garden. The mortar and pestle. Homoeopathy and pharmacopoeia. Stains and dyes. Flowers. Dainty, small and lacy things. Antiques and curios. Beautiful reminders of yesterday. Valentine’s Day flowers, roses. Things that remind you of your grandmother. The old supporting and nourishing the new.

    The Caution: Lack of subtlety. Insensitivity. Being dried up and withered from lack of water or emotion. Stagnant water. Being shy and unresponsive. “Shrinking violets”. Neglecting the small things. Being so accommodating that one's needs are neglected or trodden on.

    [It's interesting to note that every year on February 14, the Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Fresh Violets is the degree of the Sun - fascinating how this 'works' even though Elsie Wheeler brought through the Sabian Symbols completely randomly...]

    Mercury seems to be backing up the idea of moving on from situations that no longer work for you. It's on Aquarius 24: A Man Turning His Back On His Passions Teaches Deep Wisdom. What do you need to change? What do you need to say 'no' to? What is outworn or outlived? How can you find something that fires up your passions again? Are you addicted to something or someone and having to let go?

    Venus is backing up the idea of the Unsealed Letter. It's on Capricorn 17: A Young Woman Surreptitiously Bathing In The Nude. This speaks of revealing or confrontations with one's self - mentally, physically or emotionally, reconnecting with nature, issues to do with body image and weight, letting go of extraneous things, being at one with the environment, releasing inhibitions. Like the Unsealed Letter, this degree can bring about that strong need to just let everything out. There could be a need for caution though, with Venus exactly squaring Saturn. In fact, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra is a mutual reception, so these two planets are definitely holding an energetic charge around each other. This can bring commitment, longevity and solidity to relationships, however, it can also blow relationships and friendships apart, with decisions made that impact people's lives. I can also show loneliness where we may want to reclaim youth but are feeling restrained by Saturn.

    Saturn is on Libra 17: A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The Harbor. While Venus wants to get undressed or run around in a mini-skirt, Saturn is like the old man of the sea, rocking on his porch and generally letting the world go its own way. It seems he's in between excursions out into the big wide world (or the ocean), and he's wanting, needing or forced to, take a break from being in amongst it all.

    Restraint may be a hard task as Jupiter and Pluto are squaring each other. Jupiter is on Aries 6: A Square Brightly Lighted On One Side which speaks of illuminated solutions providing ways out of tight situations - where is the bright side, the illumination coming from? Where are you boxed in?

    Pluto in on a very powerful degree which speaks of the power of one's words and thoughts. It's on Capricorn 7: A Veiled Prophet Speaks Seized By The Power Of A God. This is about prophets and bringers of messages, translations, things erupting, speaking, announcing, bearing important news. Jupiter is wanting change and new territories and Pluto in Capricorn could be standing firm and wanting to protect the old guard.

    All in all, this full Moon seems to be pushing us to move, change, speak up and lay things on the line. A strong challenge is presented here between the old and the new on many levels. It's a powerful time with all that's going on in the world right now.

  • Neptune is conjunct the Sun on Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis. This can show the need, or the desire, to come out of one's cocoon, to emerge, to spread one's wings, to grow into something more beautiful, creative or meaningful. It can be about finding one's feet, metamorphosis and transformation, huge changes in the works, giving up struggling, the drama of a new life unfolding, slow building of confidence, leaving yesterday behind and generally finding one's place in the scheme of things.

  • Link to Ancestral Karmic Healing Prayer, good time to use it with Full Moon Tomorrow.


    P.S. Best friend dreamed my deceased Father or Grandfather was trying to send me a bag of money, no coincidences. 🙂

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    angelhugs with flower petals

    julia l arnett

  • I like that! It's amazing, Greystar, Becca and I were just talking about all of this stuff, Gardening, butterfly's, transformations, wow, this is a validation and tooter too.

    Blessings are gonna be big time in March.

  • wow

    Just read the "the unsealed letter"

    It seems to resonate with me and what is occurring.

    Bountiful blessings for sharing this Poetic555

    julia l arnett

  • I pray we all get more, exceedly more than we can ask, think or dream. I pray we and our families will always be protected and guided, that every need be met always. Amen! 🙂

  • May thanks for sharing this, Poetic! All these messages swirling about in the last few days are helping me clarify the direction I need to go, and the next step on the path.

    "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly." —Richard Bach

    ♡ gd

  • "Many" … blessings!

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  • Hi Poetic, great messages! thanks for sharing 🙂

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  • I want to share what i feel with Mother seems like its all bad sometimes but its not when i start working in the garden tilling the soil that fresh smell of earth and putting your hands and feeling the energy of Mother and planting the seed and watering it then that feeling of a new beginning as the seed sprouts the excitement of the berthing of life by your hand and Mothers energy and love and feeling the love the seed has given birth to give back to you and it grows and as you nurture it as a new born child.

    It grows and in appreciation of your love and neutering it rewards you with a beautiful flower and it shares all its glory of being with all the butterflies come and drink of its nectar and some times the humming birds and they spread the powders of life to others like them .And even the ants take the fallen pollen to feed their young and in return of the love of sharing they groom the plant and protect it .

    Then the time of anticipation from turning of the first shovel of soil comes the grandest reward of all from Mother Earth and the tiny seed who chose to give so much just for the love of giving and all it ask in return was love a love to nurture and protect it and from that comes the grandest reward and sacrifice known to man it brings the life sustaining food that enables us to live another day and it shares its bounty with many and the plant stands tall and proud in its giving and it gives and gives till its time is up it has made the ultimate sacrifice it gave its life so we could live and in its dying it gave hundreds of seeds to carry its legacy to continue life and from that plant it returns back to Mother to give her life and the cycle continues .

    Now does this kinda sound familiar with our own lives LIFE is a grand thing whether its a seed or a new born child and like a seed every one has a purpose . I know i complain and gripe about the state of affairs this and that and i have to get back and remember when i am lost in fear and doubt and all them other things and i have a hard time finding hope i find it in a tiny seed and from that seed i find my purpose my spot in the cycle of life on this glorious Planet and all them other things just don't seem that important. Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • My birthday is tomorrow (I was born at the 29th degree of Aquarius) and I have to admit that the Full Moon occurring on my birthday has filled me both with a sense of excitement and dread!!!

  • That is beautiful Tooter.

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