Captain please....

  • Please tell me what a man whose name starts with "P" feels or wants with me? and this other guy that I do very much care for and we are good friends, what does he feel for me. his name starts with "G". THANKS SO MUCH!!

    do you see anyone new coming into my life that will be good for me?

  • G definitely cares more for you than P. P has lustful feelings towards you but is really only caring about himself and satisfying his own needs. But I think you are more attracted to him.

  • I get a "W" coming into your life soon and he will be a very stabilizing influence on you. Seek his wisdom and guidance and love. He is a very genuine guy.

  • Thank you very much Captain!!

  • I did want to ask you about this guy that his name starts with "W"... do we work at the same place? bc I have met a guy that Ive known for almost a year whose name starts with a "W", and he has been talking to me and stuff a lot more lately. BUT! he is currently in a relationship, which makes me not even want to trust my heart with him if its him your referring to. There are not that many guy names that start with "W". Is this someone that I have not met yet? and will he be a good friend or will I have a relationship with him?

    Thanks for being pretty spot on about "P". That is what many have told me and pretty much what I have gathered from him, as he plays a lot of mind games. Its hard to know for sure. As far as "G" goes, I have felt a true caring friendship with him, even though things have turned intimate between us, he still shows me great support and interest in my life.

    Thanks again!

  • Yes I do feel that this "W' at work will soon play a more important role in your life. But do nothing until he is free.

  • Thanks very much for your advice. I appreciate your kind but honest words.

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