How do you know when you meet the One, whats the sign

  • i wanted to ask How do you know when you met the one?

    how do you know when it;s the one, how can you know? i m very curious about this

    most people simply respond , you simply know but how?

  • For me, I know she's the one when I feel so comfortable with her, I can tell her my most inner secret which I don't normally tell anyone, within hours of knowing each other.

    When you look deeply into his/her eyes, you got a feeling that you two had known each other for a long time. And you two can sit next to each other silently and won't feel awkward, just inner peace and you can forget all the problems you have.

    All you want is for him/her to be happy, you want to see them smile and will do anything to ensure that but don't mind when you get nothing in return.

    Sometimes I think I'm living in my little love utopia, but time will prove that I'm right.

    Good luck 😃

  • Oddly enough I am very good at 'knowing' when a couple are to be together, and can even do this with from a photograph of a couple. I have been able to do this for years and everyone of the couples are still together today. However, I am totally useless at doing it for myself, perhaps my feelings and desires get in the way! lol

  • ok, is anyone believe on destiny somehow?

  • yes, i wanted to ask the question again, if anyone can help please on this matter

    How do you know when you met the one?

    you can feel strongly about someone and they are taken, married or just dont like you but you feel deep about them

    is this mean you met the one but you are just not the one for them???

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