Scorpio Girl w/ Libra Man

  • Guess I'm just wondering where this relationship is headed. Here is a little about us. His bday is Oct 13,1985 (He seems to have some Virgo characteristics) Mine is Nov 14, 1982. I think I have some Libran tendacies.) We have been dating since December and the I believe that with the relationship being fairly new we are still in that lovey dovey stage. He knows a lot intellectually and that is a big turn on for me. I like to pick his brain because he has so much knowledge. We have plenty in common on many different levels and I can see myself being with him long term. We both were in previous marriages where our spouses cheated on us and we're not ready for more pain. I dont want to hurt him and I dont want to get hurt. We are both prone to depression, me due to my bipolar disorder, stress, relationship issues, childhood, and life. I believe his is due to childhood, stress, and relationship. We both talk to our parents but as we get older are distancing ourselves, him more so than I am. I want him to build a better relationship with his mom but I dont know how to go about discussing it with him. And in some ways I see his point of view. I have a son with my exhusband and as of now it doesnt seem to be a problem with my bf. Im a laid back person and I like to goof around with him but sometimes I dont know whether I should because I dont know how he perceives it. I do tend to hold back a lot. Im sure it's because it's new though. But I want to feel comfortable with him. Be able to just talk like I did with my ex. We seem to be very sexually compatible which is a big thing for me. I have hardly any complaints in that section.I generally mention sex at least once a day. It is BIG with me. I know my sex drive is a lot higher than his. And I think he gets tired of me always talking about it. I just tell him I'm a Scorpio and he'll have to deal with it. My therapists have mentioned I need to attend Sex Addicts Anonymous. I agree at times but overall I will go when I feel what I do is a problem and is affecting me in a negative way. As far as being exclusive, I am tempted many times and have in all past relationships acted on these temptations. I think this would be the big issue/problem that would surface for us, only because I know me. It is actually taking all of my strength right now not to have someone else over. But I want it to work and alas am here alone with my son.

    We also are opposite in a lot of different ways. He is tends to be more serious. He likes to be in bed at a certain time so he can get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep. He is more organized and schedules things. But it's these little things that i need in my life to balance me out and I feel he needs my quirkiness, free spirited, barely a care in the world self in some way too.

    Thanks for your help.

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