Being a Virgo with all it's ups and downs

  • Hi All,

    I have created this forum for the main reason to tell people what being a Virgo really is like and i hop that it can help. I am a Virgo, and sometimes it feels like more of a burden than a gift, we are perfectionist, success driven, organized and selfish on some days and other days we are loving, the best friend ever, motherly, friendly and approachable but we have more to us than just that, we are people that know what we want and will fight our way throught anything to get it

  • Hello.........My hubby, brother, two grandsons and some friends are virgos. For me, double cappy and all, virgos are great people! I have been married 3 times but marrying my virgo has shown he is the only true hubby I have ever had. I don't like his country cottage and where it is located (away from my friends and adult kids) but he is one great guy.........dependable and was married three times before me..........almost scared me away. I will be glad when Uranus leaves pisces and saturn leaves Virgo this Oct. I cannot find a job and money has been tight for a long time. My hubby is a messy virgo but he is sweet to me.

  • Hi AngelFace, I relate to your post. My younger sister is a Virgo and the most intellectual of us all. She did the best in school when we were kids. The Virgo's that I know are very talented, gifted individuals. I have found them to be loyal, true friends. And yes, they will go after what they want. They can be picky and irritable at times but always return to their true selves. That's been my experience.

  • hi im a virgo and am going crazy with my need to over analyze everything to the tiniest detail and i am paralyzed by my indecisiveness.

  • In response to Shinshiya's comment I too analyze everything to death and drive everyone around me crazy! I think I'm your typical Virgo: perfectionist, very tidy, practical all the characteristics that Virgos are known for. However, lately about a year or so I have just had problems after problems with relationships. I make friends easily but maintaining them in any length seems to be really hard. I wonder if anyone else has the same problems especially within the last three to four months?

  • Since taking up astrology last year I've learned to appreciate my virgo traits and all the other signs, plantes and houses that have an impact on me even saturn. Okay maybe I'm not quit there with saturn. I love being ruled by mercury and now understand why I can sit through hours of infomertials. I need infomation. Thinking is my favorite hobby. Having five planets in air signs make me crave intellectual stimilation more. It's hard for me to be around people unless they're intelluctually stimulating and interesting. I'm not saying that we have to talk about very deep subject s all the time. I just don't like small talk. I can talk about movies but I want to analyze them to death. Being an introverted sign it's all about sharing ideas. The people I do like can't seem to stay in touch. I'm extremely comfortable being alone but I do see the need for people in my life.

  • I am a Virgo and my mind never stops working. I am always thinking "what if this happens" or "if that happens i can react this way". My mind is never quiet it's constantly analyzing everything I see/feel/experience. I am not a clean freak though... I love my clutter, but it does have to be my way. If people move my stuff around it drives me nuts because then I can never find anything I am looking for. In the past few months I have actually contacted old friends who i have not seen in years and made a few new ones too. Although I am having serious issues finding a job. I find that before I decide what I want to do I need to look at every option a couple times and weigh out the pros/cons of everything. If i don't have all the info I won't decide. All of my friends feel they can come to me with their issues because I will do anything i can to help others, that's gotten me into trouble before though. I find that I don't share a lot of what I think, I find it's better to keep my thoughts to myself. Just because your Virgo friend is quiet and seems to be "out to lunch" doesn't mean he/she doesn't see whats going on!

  • I'm a Cancer with Virgo rising but I'm in love with a Virgo who has been everything I could ever have created for a perfect match for me. He danced with me one night very impromptu and sang to me while he danced with me, this is something I'd always wanted and he just did it. He always made my coffee in the morning, always wants me to stay overnight, and I love hearing him breathe. He's made me so happy. The only thing I am curious about, is it normal for a Virgo to be somewhat mysterious and non verbal about their feelings? He's very demonstrative, but I'd love to hear him say how he feels since what he displays is extremely powerful and subtle in the same sense. Thanks

  • My ex husband was a virgo and was very non verbal about his feelings - very annonying for a chatty Gemini like me! In fact I think communication breakdown was a major contribution towards our split up, although his adultery caused our actual divorce. Although my ex was very controlling and verbally abusive (only real communication !) I have met some absolutely gorgeous Virgo men who are very demonstrative...although I didn't pursue them because I fell in love with a dashing Leo and married him instead!!!! Funnily enough, shroudedheart, my ex married a cancer (his mistress actually) and they seem very perhaps you and your virgo will get along brilliantly!

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