Destiny and Purpose

  • a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

    Destiny is a word we use to describe the many different things that happen to us in life and we believe that it is a pre-programmed blueprint which we must follow no matter what else we want to do. Our destiny appears to pull us in its direction and when we are on its path we have little control over what happens to us. We believe that destiny is our life purpose and while the two are linked, their relationship is rather loose. Destiny is part of our life purpose but our life purpose extends far beyond our destiny.

    Within our destiny lies the sole purpose of each lifetime, to heal energies that are out of integrity with our soul’s desire for growth, healing, transformation and ascension. In this way destiny is essential to our life purpose because within it we have all of the information that we need to answer the soul’s call for healing. But destiny is not the final answer although once we are on its path we seem to have a very hard time getting off of it. We can get stuck within our destiny because we believe that it is what the Universe has created for our life. But it is what we have created for ourselves and it is the starting point of each life journey, but not by any means is it the end.

    Destiny is a beginning point for our lifetime and through it we have access to the people, situations, events and, most importantly, energetic frequencies that we need to fulfill our life purpose which is, first and foremost, to heal karma. That is why our destiny is ‘destined’, because it sets the tone for our healing journey. However, our destiny is not supposed to be a lifelong burden unless we forget about its healing purpose and stay in its energies. While we believe that destiny is a universal mandate, it is actually one aspect of a journey that is designed to connect us to our most powerful asset, the power of our choices. Destiny does set the path for our life but we choose the ultimate direction when we can remember that our free will extends to every area of our life, including destiny.

    There are four components to destiny and they work together to create the destiny paradigm. They are the soul lesson, which is the energy of our destiny, the people who are the members of our soul group that will participate in the experience, the situations and events that will work together to create the setting for the journey and the choices we have to make on each step of that journey. All of these components come together with divine timing when our soul knows that we are ready to live our destiny so we can make choices for our healing.

    Why do we have such a hard time with destiny? Because we are in the healing spectrum of our energies and have to face our fears. We are also in our karmic energies and our cellular memories are activated, reminding us of the past and all of the guilt and shame energies we hold there. Through the energy of guilt and shame we believe that we must pay for our sins and transgressions, that we are unworthy of anything better and that by re-living our past by holding onto our destiny, we are atoning for what we have done and dutifully taking our punishment. But we have the situation all wrong.

    Destiny is like a test with two possible answers. One is the obvious choice that is written for us through our destiny. The other is an essay section where we can write down our own thoughts and beliefs, the actions we wish to take and the outcome we want to have. Most of us choose the single answer instead of the essay because we don’t think that another choice is possible. But it is and has always been there. When we understand the healing potential of destiny and the choices that we can make destiny becomes our vehicle for understanding that allows us to choose another path, one in which we allow the knowledge we derive from understanding our destiny strengthens our resolve to have joy, peace, love and abundance in our life and then make the choices to allow that to happen.

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  • Choices, Choices.

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