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  • a message from Sananda channeled by Michelle Coutant

    Beloved Ones,

    Once you have reached the plateau of all that you may desire to experience in the realm of the third dimension you will find the shift occurs very quickly, into the love, the joy, the peace, harmony, and abundance of the fifth dimension. There will come a time when this will occur for each one of you. It varies, depending on the amount of spiritual work you have each done, your dedication, your perseverance, in releasing all that no longer serves your highest good. You will find that as you continue to release and release and release, that there will be no more room in your field, for negativity. You will have reached the plateau and you will tip the scales towards the flow, the balance, the harmony, and you will flow in the River of Life in the love of your sacred heart. You will find there is no room in your thoughts for impurities, you will be in control, in mastery of your thoughts and emotions and you will firmly staunch any negativity from your thoughts and emotions. You will be in mastery, and in full control.

    We ask you to gain the understanding, that to have something, to have balance, harmony, mastery, abundance, all that you desire for your highest good, you must begin on the inner plane. You must first Be it. You must think it in your thoughts, you must see it with your inner vision and you must feel it with great, positive emotion. You must hold the thought form with great trust and faith, in the knowing that mastery and abundance is your divine birthright. You must maintain and never waiver in this trust and faith.

    As you hold the thought form which you are co creating with the Cosmos, the universe, with God, you will find that as you visualize, think and feel these positive thought forms of your intended creation, more thoughts will be drawn through the Law of Attraction, and the intensity will build. As you think, see and feel your creation into manifestation, you must instantly release thoughts which do not serve your highest good and that which you are creating, from your mind. As a thought form arises, you must immediately replace it with a thought form in alignment with that which you are creating. As you continue this process you will find that you will be holding the thought form, visualizing, and feeling with great emotion, that which you desire to create. With your trust and faith in the knowing that your creation will come to fruition and manifest in your reality, you will achieve great success in being the creator of your reality.

    Dear ones, it is said that you are the writer, the actor, the director, and the producer of your reality. You create all of it. The universe rearranges itself to fit your picture of reality. If your picture of reality is lack and limitation, that is what you will experience. If you choose to create deliberately, all the abundance, love and joy, peace and harmony that is your divine birthright, then that is what you will experience. See it, think it, feel it with great emotion and it will come to you. Be clear in your intentions and hold the thought form until it manifests. It is that simple, beloved ones. Be perseverance, dedication and fortitude, trust and faith. You have each been given all the gifts and the qualities to create and live in unconditional love, beauty, and prosperity. It is yours dear ones. Claim it now. Call us in, those of the higher realms, to be with you, to give you strength and courage and we will be right by your side.

    Remember, you are God, and God knows only infinite prosperity, infinite, limitless abundance. There is no lack, there is no limitation. There is no scarcity. It is only in the human mind. Release the resistance, release the struggle, give it up to God. Give up your burdens, to God and the angels and the ascended masters. We are here to assist you, in your quest for mastery. We are here to assist you in achieving balance, unconditional love and mastery of your earthly life. Be here with passion, be here with great joy. Love earthly life, as it is a most precious gift, one to be savored and enjoyed with every aspect and facet of you. We ask you to live in moderation and find the balance in all things, even as your create with great passion and joy.

    There is no limit. The Cosmos is limitless; it pulses with the heartbeat of God, the heartbeat of all creation. You are this pulse, this radiation, this infinite flow of prosperity. It is only the human mind which creates limitation. You are limitless, you are eternal, and you may have, do, and be whatever you desire. You are all creation. Open the cosmic doors, and sample to your heart’s delight, dear ones. It is a smorgasbord of all and much more than you can possibly imagine, waiting for you to tap into. Remember that you must create only for your highest good and the highest good of all creation and you must create in love and joy and remain in the love of your sacred heart. As you do so, you will find the adamantine particles will flow freely to you and through you, as you create and bring your desires to fruition. Understand that you are God, and this flow and the radiation of infinite prosperity is forever being expressed by your God Self. Allow yourselves to experience it. Allow yourselves to receive it. Open yourselves, every aspect and facet of you, to allow and receive this infinite flow of prosperity.

    Love yourselves, dear ones, and experience, the love, the joy, the abundance, the peace and harmony that are yours for the asking.

    I am here with you to assist you as you create your grandest desires, for your highest good and the highest good of all. I am with you as you flow in the River of Life in the love of your sacred heart.

    I am Sananda

    You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Sananda through Rev. Michelle Coutant

  • What helps me when the dark thoughts arise is I will say, "Thats not me, not the real beautiful me." it helps a lot. :0

  • angel hugs with flower petals

  • I don't know last year, I learned about Manisfestation, I amagined whatever I wanted and I got it, I would write letters to God about what I wanted and would get almost the exact dollar amount, I'm saying almost weekly for several months. Now it's like I'm on a desert Island almost, I can hear the crickets chirping, helllo??? Anybody Home???

    What I have come to realize I belive is that we all have Season's, time to plant seeds and then times to Reap. Well I'm ready to reap! Of course in God's time, not mine, I have decided to stop worrying about money, you can't, we have no control, God says all of our needs will be met.

    I know that the more you worry, the less you will get, just keep the Faith and wait!

    Happy Waiting!

    P.S. Arch Angel Michael says the Blessings will start flowing in March, may I be close to the front of the line and YOU TOO! đŸ™‚

  • thanks sweet,beautiful spunkyyyy poetic...beautiful blue rose, i took it

    lets all let go together 1 2 3, ah feels ya sistah!


    the purple angel is the angel of wealth...

    the other one is called abundance pointer

  • RC told me about lucky stones, going to get some and Amethyst, I just released all Money issues, done with that.

  • Just remember to Sheila I got an Angel Card reading last year, the Angel's name was Rochelle and it said the Universe has heard your prayers about money, I am here to assist you and girlfriend the money started pouring in.

  • Poetic, i have the biggest piece of amythest..i would be glad to share it with you...its so beautiful..i bought it in a jewelry store a couple of years ago...its my living room in a huge Crystal bowl...if i remember, I'll take a picture of it...i have been thinking about moving it into my bedroom, i have already started to purge my living room..that is full of little girls ,scraps of papers you name it..its in there...while my student has been living with us K, was nice enough to give up her room...for 4 months...This Sunday my student will be gone! I will have my house back with just me and my little girl...I have stressed somewhat about the extra money leaving when she does, but the reality is Poetic i have to do the walk along with the talk about letting the lack go into the universe and switching my thoughts constantly to I have the abundance, and I will get the abundance whether through the, mail, a gift etc...

    So maybe that angel card i posted for you, is a reminder that you also will be getting the abundance you need from the Univere..I BELIEVE...

    i don't know how this moon on Friday affects me, but i can tell you this,its been a maddening weak for me,triggers from my past everywhere, probably because I'm also purging myself.....

    love ya sweetie all will be great soon ........


  • Love that Butterfly, last nite I went through my Entire Childhood all the stuff I forgot, yeah we are Purging and the Rainbow is on the other side! I can tell you some stories girl. Something always comes along, don't bother to worry.

  • Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!

  • angel hugs with flower petals


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