AstraAngel update

  • Hi and Goodmorning...

    I don't have my book back yet but I did contact my editors via email yesterday and asked how it was going. He (Jerry) said that they would contact me in early March with an update. When my husband and I met with a psychic in person together last month it had been indicated that Feb and March would be huge months for me. Another delay? Am I causing these delays still? I have been lighting my candle and sending negative away, etc...etc...What do you think? I have been having my cover for book one being worked on and still moving forward. I still feel positive but dissappointed, you know? I keep thinking there is more to it...are they making contacts and doing the editing...I don't and my taurus delays.

    What do you think?

    Most sincerely,


  • Someone will help you Molly.

  • ...patience...

    thanks you poetic555

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