Health Help...

  • Hi =/

    I'm currently battling numerous health issues right now and being that high anxiety/panic attacks are tied in there I'm unable to get anywhere to get any answers. Though, I had gone to numerous doctors prior to being stuck inside and didn't really receive what i felt to be any heartfelt help at all anyways. Well, I'm unsure of how deep I have to go with this here. Just looking for some answers...if there's any out there for me at all. This goes deep and to be honest I'm not exactly even comfortable posting this here but I don't know what to do anymore and...

    Ugh so many wrong moves towards the end here.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  • I get this really deep-seated illogical fear from you that you are truly alone with no one who really cares for you or understands you or wants you. This is the root cause of your illness and goes back a long way to your upbringing..

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