Seer's insight on new relationship?

  • A flame has flickered between myself (9/15/1990) and a fellow Virgo (9/1/1990). It's funny that he is coming along because I was definitely completely submerged in the Single philosophy of not wanting to be with anybody whatsoever! Just trying to enjoy my independence and focus more on myself as a mother. Which was going pretty well, after the decision to make a horriby mind-f**cking split from a Scorpio.

    But he's come along! And I have a habit of getting swept off my feet fairly easily. (I know this is a weakness, but I just embrace my sensual nature rather than suppress it in these matters ) I've heard he recently left a relationship with another young mother... for that, I fear he might be attracted to me simply as a rebound? I'm not interested in putting myself out there again unless I'm sure it's a good idea... but this guy is pursuing me pretty intensely! And is especially sweet to my little girl. What's more, he's very very sexual for a Virgo (?!) and not quite as much of an intellectual as me. Actually it's really refreshing, but I know that I for one won't be able to keep the intimacy separate from emotions for very long. So, what is your opinion, my lovely seers? Take the bait and ride with it? Or should I walk away before I get attached?

    I hope you can sense the quality of the person I'm speaking of rather than the situation I described. Like I said, it's been my own judgement not to get serious. And it isn't yet. But I'm sensing it very well could be... in a good calming way... unlike the late Scorpio where the idea seemed kind of scary and uncomfortable.

    Keep in mind, I am moving across the country in June... another reason I wasn't trying to give my dating life any thought.

    But you don't really plan these things, you know?

    He made my Valentine's Day really really nice....

  • There's nothing wrong with having a sensual nature but you have to have some objectivity and common sense too with regards to relationships or you will just keep getting involved with the wrong people and getting hurt. Use your intuition more than your bodily senses and take your time when choosing a partner. After all, what's the rush?

    This is more like a teacher-student type of relationship than a love match. You will both learn a lot here. Typically this relationship comes out of nowhere, often taking you, your friends and family by surprise. Yet besides being unusual, it is also highly symbiotic. You Dafphodil may find yourself often directing your partner's physical energy. You may also be cast in the role of parent, teacher or manager while your partner becomes the child, student or performer. He can fairly easily accept your advice and guidance because you are powerfully perceptive and analytic and will encourage his native ability. Quite often he will be able to go on to take a mangerial or teaching role himself later in life.

    Strongest in the classroom, sports field or on the hard road of life, this relationship is often a solid bond based on trust and mutual understanding. Yet it is not an easy pairing emotionally, physically or spiritually. Both of you can be extremely rough and uncompromising with each other. In reprimanding a missed signal or other error, neither of you are unlikely to hold back, teaching a lesson that the other partner will remember for a long time. Relationships in this matchup are tailored to suit specific needs so an intimate match will teach the lessons of love that you both need to learn, such as how to forgive, and to be less critical and inflexible. That is not to say it won't pass on established wisdom and existing methods in the most exacting way, but only that it will recognize that exceptions to the rule and direct experience are as important as the rules themselves.

    You are both very similar (which is probably a big part of the attraction) in that you both have a deep streak of romanticism that makes you vulnerable to distraction, seduction, and fantasy. Dreams of being loved and adored can be your undoing as any sweet talker who comes along and promises you eternal love can win your heart. But these people undo you emotionally and imprison you in a relationship of nonlove - which is based on your false belief that five minutes of pats on the head can make up for months of mistreatment and being ignored. It will be useful for you both to acquire some healthy detachment to help you make room for love on a higher plane that is free from dangerous escapist dependencies. Being able to be objective about your obsession with chasing gratification and personal validation in all the wrong places (to a point where it damages your health, distorts your mind, and keeps you from being productive and successful) will help you to find real love and happiness.

    This can be a very helpful and instructive relationship.

  • Thank you, Captain. the relationship has been surprisingly smooth and comfortable so far. 🙂

    I am a little anxious as to the timing of it though...

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