Captain and Others: Leo Woman + Cancer Man

  • I've been friends with my Cancer for a few months, and while it was known that we were both attracted to each other, neither of us made a move physically. We knew at the time our dating habits were mismatched; he preferred to jump into relationships as soon as possible while I preferred to casually date multiple people until I found one I wanted to be exclusive with. He also did not have sex outside of relationships unless it was with a woman he was pursuing a relationship with where I have been more casual with my sexual relations.

    Recently (as in the 4-6 weeks), we've been "talking," openly flirting with each other, and have even slept together. Knowing his stance on sexual relationships, I asked him about it, and he seemed off-put because he was under the impression that it was a "booty call" (me using him for sex). He wanted to "leave things where they were between him and I" - friendzoned.

    Following that, we've been getting closer and closer. He flirts with me on a constant basis, I spent the night at his house regularly. He is even telling his friends about me, including people I don't know, but would meet through a mutual friend and they are like, "Oh! I've heard so much about you from Cancer!"

    I've made some sacrifices in order to try to snag him into a relationship - I know he is insecure and uncomfortable with the number of "suitors" I attract (what can I say? I'm an outgoing Leo; my friendliness comes off as flirtiness), I've stopped multi-dating in order to make him not only number one, but the only one, and I give him my full attention (and he reciprocates). I feel as if his call to "keep things where they were between us" was more so out of protecting himself and covering his ass, and not really what he meant, but rather what he thought I wanted.

    Captain, can you provide any sort of relationship reading to see if this will work? Our DOBs are 8-12-87 (mine) and 7-12-85 (his).

    Others, what insight can you provide for a Leo woman pursuing a Cancer man?

  • Oh, sorry. Forgot about your date conventions.

    Mine: August 12, 1987

    His: July 12, 1985

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