Captain...insight into a relationship plz

  • If there is anything u can tell me I would appreciate it...just don't know where I stand and if I am wasting precious energy.

    me dob...08-17-73

    his dob...09-03-79

  • This is best for friendship, worst for love. This relationship can be spirited and confrontational. Lively interchanges are quite likely between you two very different individuals and deep down you may not even really care that much for each other personally, though you respect each other's strengths. Your Virgoan may attack flamboyant you for insensitivity amd egotism and he may be criticized in return for being uptight and judgmental. You are both extremely sensitive to disapproval but there is a willingness to listen here, with one partner's ideas about the other often having a positive effect by spurring them on to better their best efforts.

    If a love affair forms at all, it will likely be very direct and short on emotional nuance. Underlying your no-nonsense attitudes, however, may lie a welter of emotions that cannot easily be expressed. Suppressed feelings of anger, envy, or even lust often dictate how you two treat each other in everyday life. Even though he has a fear of being alone, relationships can become a burden for your friend who is obsessed with being responsible for everyone. Marriage would bring out domestic responsibility but the emotions would still be conflicted. If you can overlook your differences and leave the past behind, and instead promote openness and understanding, there is a chance of this love relationship working. If those things cannot be found, it is doomed.

    Friendship is much easier here than love or marriage. Close ties of belief, perhaps aesthetic, religious or spiritual, can open up new worlds, proving not just interesting but comforting. Your twin need to share allows you both to overcome your more selfish impulses and your fearfulness of being ignored or forgotten.

  • thks very much

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