Reiki, empath, tarot every picture tells a story

  • I am really enjoying being here and I read CWB has the above, as do I, and she has spirit communications, too - and someone asked about it all tying together. For me, it all flows from being really empathatic to others. If I want to I can usually feel what another is feeling...

    and then I want to help, so I can do Reiki....massage....healing....

    and LOVE the tarot - I've got maybe 14 decks? just to look at the pictures of each, but here's the thing....they're a story. They tell a story - so for those of you who want to practice - yes it's great to know the official meaning of the card, and you'll probably find a meaning for you personally in it, too....but it's also just a graphical representation of a life's journey -

    and it will speak to you. So jump in, don't hesitate, you will see, feel, sense, hear, touch the story, and you can relay it to others. And remember! the story 1. never ends and 2. changes depending on what we change.

    A tarot reading is a reading of probabilities...what's the most likely outcome based on where I sit and what I think at this moment....

    So, if you don't like the story's path, change yours!

    Love and Light and Blessings everyone,


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