I need some help please

  • Hi, I am having some issues putting everything together (well...i'm reading it the way i want.)

    I did a simple three card relationship spread (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=6307 ) I am having a hard time figuring out where the hermit stands...i would love to know what everyone thinks about this....maybe it will clear somethings up for me.....thank you so much...and sorry

    Oh and a little note on the reason for this spread. we are not a couple...he got out of a relationship about six months ago...and he has been showing "i like you" vibes...but we work together or worked i recently left the place i was working at...and we speak at times and there are days were is seems like he wants me and other days were he pushes away. He mentioned a big downfall was us working together, and the second my age im 21 and he is 31 (the girl he left was 23 and they had issues with this because of her need to "party" he thinks i'll be the same)

    please a little light thank you.

    Card 1: Two Swords

    Card 2: Ten of Cups

    Card 3: The Hermit

  • Hi misleadxbeauty -

    I am new when it comes to reading the Tarot, but seeing as how its been a month and no one has responded, I will give it a shot -

    When posting for assistance, it would be realllllyyyy helpful if you would also include what the position of the card meant when you got the reading. (Example, was card 1 in the "love and me position" or the "future outlook" position etc..) Also what was your question when you asked the tarot...all these things make a huge difference when interpreting. Also including if the card was reversed or not.

    Two of Swords is indicative when one is making a difficult decision. I am guessing that it is he who is making the decision as to whether to be with you or not. He may want to be with you, but is worried that you may be less mature than he is and you will end up wanting to party like his last girlfriend right? The two of swords is a perfect reflection of his current state - he is confused, unable to make a decision, stuck at a stalemate. It also represents restriction, delay, waiting, and he could be suppressing his feelings. As in his attraction to you. He may be avoiding facing his feeling to avoid pain. He does not want to get close to a girl again and then have to let her go because of her partying. He fears you may disappoint him. He may want to be with you, yet pushes you away because of his doubts.

    Ten of Cups.....okay this is where knowing the position of the card in the spread is really important. But the Ten of cups in its upright position is alllllll about happiness. Happiness, love, harmony, serenity, peace, all the good aspects of life. It is such an extremely positive card in its upright. To fully understand what this card is telling you, you need to know the position it was in in the spread. But I would guess, that, this is trying to tell you that if he decides to go out with you, your relationship will be one of bliss and happiness.

    The Hermit. The hermit turns up when deep introspection is necessary...someone either you or him, needs to withdraw and do some serious thinking and soul searching.

    It really depends on the position the cards are in in the spread, but my guess would be that he was going through intense indecision at the time you drew these cards, but if he decides to give you a chance, you guys will be really happy together....

    Remember, I am a novice tarot reader....my skills are not very strong at this point and I may be wrong, but I hope I have helped you some.

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