For The Captain

  • Hi, i hope this is ok but i wanted to ask a reading please or a bithdays reading not sure how you call it, much appreciate, i been seeing this person for a while now and things are difficult with him

    what i m looking for his to understand, i m at the point to let it go and i want to know if this is what i m suppose to do

    mine: feb 3 1978, his may 26 1976.

    thank you

  • Affection and love are prominent here but there is also a need, particularly on your part Star, to be appreciated by more than just your partner. This is a socially-oriented matchup and you both enjoy sharing with others the warmth and good feelings of your relationship. But you Star also desire the approval and appreciation of friends and family and if they don't approve of your relationship, it can weaken it. Your partner may not need as much socializing as you and may come to resent your gracious attitude to other people. Your somewhat crusty partner may withdraw to sulk if he feels you are being more attentive to others than to him. You two can be fair-weather partners and your relationship may not survive even a moderately stressful period. Persistence is often missing from this relationship. When it's good, it's good but when this relationship hits any trouble or problems, it can fall apart.

  • Thank you Captain, well we dont have a relationship at all, i tried but the man keep giving appointment and not coming or give me impossible time gap that doesnt make any meeting possible. in me i feel his the one i dont know why and i m pretty much a person that doesnt think like that usually but i m simply plain not happy here and i feel taking for granted by this man more then anyone i met before.

    Love is good to have but the love for yourself is also an essential thing

    i been having issue leaving it behind but i m certain learning to walk in this path today and i know i will make it as in life all pass

    thank you

  • You may think he's the one but it won't work if he doesn't feel the same way. I feel he is moving further and further away from you at present. His other priorities in his life, like his work and socializing, are coming before you.

  • we both are going further and further, may i ask you a question please out the subject

    about thing like the one , how do you know when it;s the one, how can you know? i m very curious about this

    most people simply respond , you simply know but how?

    all my life i received piece of info , like i was looking and i got piece of what i been looking for

    every time i with someone my mind keep thinking about someone or keep looking

    but what happen when your mind stop looking and you have no looking

  • If you feel very clingy or desperate for someone, that is not love, but need. If you know you could happily let someone go if he needed to get away and not feel sad or upset, that is unconditional love. I think you are looking more for the reassuring state of being in love and loved for than an actual person to love. Which means you don't love yourself enough yet.

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