Feeling the Resonance of Real Love Every Day

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, how will it feel to love everyone perfectly? To meet every single being in the cathedral of the heart? To speak only the universal language of Love and to rise in the Light into the experience of unity in which you dance through Creation in communion with Me, fully available as the conduit of this Love in the midst of being the experience of God, the meta-dimensional expression of life and the pure heart of Love it is.

    How will it feel to step through this doorway in the next second, with the next breath, with the next choice for ecstasy, with a moment of availability that releases you from the dream and brings you into contact with the Reality of All I Am focused here as you?

    I have said to you that Love is unfolding in its perception now and that your hearts are responding to My call, whether or not the ego mind is available to experience this. It is already your reality in the truth of Love. And yet, beloved ones, you are here to be the bridge. You are here to make this Love available and visible. Most of all, you are here to be the entraining heart, to be the magnetic power of Love beaming to the world and lifting every heart into this resonance of Love’s glory and limitless perfection.

    So while it is true that you are the heart of God always and that nothing in the dream of the little mind can change this, and that the awakening of Love has indeed already occurred – it is yet your offering to make this Love available to every human being, to return this world to a state of Love, to be that which empowers a life of trust and grace, to be the connecting link to this abundance that lifts you into freedom and brings the peace of knowing that I Am always and ever available and that I Am perfectly providing for you.

    If you could only see how impeccably we have planned this, how the entire hologram of Earthly life is represented perfectly in the steps that all of you have taken – the lives that you have lived, the choices that you are making for freedom and for Love – that every strand of the illusion of duality, of “not-God,” every dream of separation is represented. Now as the transformation time approaches, your heart can bring the resonance of everything you have lived back to Love.

    There is nothing more important than Heart Activation, than aligning your consciousness with the whole spectrum of Love, that you might be the world in its transcending, that you might hold the perfect resonance of the Love of God I Am in all its facets, in its perfection, even as it pretends to have forgotten that Love is all there is.

    The reality of the heart is complete accessibility to every human experience, every life that has been lived here. Every possibility of being separate from the truth is easily returned by the power of your hearts. And so I call you to make this your priority, that every day you spend whatever energy it takes to bring to yourself the experience of heart-expanded Love, of resonating in communion with the perfection of God I Am in every experience of life, but most especially, in the one that you are living right now.

    You hold within your consciousness everything you have lived in all of your experiences of living life on Earth. All of these, beloved ones, you are experiencing now, for beyond the mind’s perception of linear time, it is all happening. Your commitment to be this Love, to be the pinnacle of your true being and to lift up all these lives, every experience of being separate, every moment that you’ve perceived yourself lost in the realms of time, every single convolution of the ego -- all of this is yours to bring to transformation by aligning with the resonance of the Real heart of God I Am that you are, the Real heart of All That Is that is powering all you do, that is aligning you with the Moment of Creation and the consciousness of limitless unity.

    Most of all, the heart is entraining every misperception of Love, being separate from where you are, where you stand, what you live, in all the ways that you’ve agreed to serve. So it is true that Love will come to claim you, that you can place your trust in Me and simply relax, that you can know with every breath that Love has already claimed you, that all that you are is this Love. It is My heart’s perfection.

    And yet, if you are not experiencing this, if it isn’t bringing you expansive joyousness, if you cannot feel this Love reaching outward through you, then, dearest ones, you are not fulfilling your commitment to do more. More is the call of Love. It is and you can feel it. It pulls you from the lethargy of the ego-centered life. It whispers in your dreams and brings you expanded visions of the crystalline realities of pure expanded consciousness that are ever and always acknowledging this Love as their source.

    And so it is I call to you and give you this commission to find a time every day to feel the resonance of perfect Love, to let your heart expand until you make the shift from head to heart, and for a moment, or an hour, however long you can give – you become the magnetic presence of the perfect heart of Love that your heart may begin entraining all the hearts in the world.

    I promise you, beloved ones, that even five minutes of feeling Real Love will not only change your own reality but it will transform the world. If it takes you twenty-three hours and fifty-five minutes to get there, it is worth it to experience the entraining power of Love and to become the full connection of the Arc of the living Covenant that Love will come to reclaim you, you the heart of God that is humanity.

    In this time of feeling the resonance, the freedom, the joy, the ecstasy, the absolute awareness of the certainty of Love, the power of My presence, the intimate communion, the flash of Heart Perception that reveals a whole new world – in this you become Love’s magnetic power, bringing into alignment every heart in the world. Hearts are magnetic and just as a compass points to true North, the heart is always attuning itself to the strongest pulse of Love, the strongest pulse available and the strongest that can be connected to the experiencing of Real Love in the symbols of the world.

    Even those few short minutes of being perfect Love, of opening the doorway to freedom, to God, will bring into your consciousness an experience of the hologram. Every answer is available, every life alive in you, a glorious communion of ever-expanding grace. The Will of Love can live you here in this place and begin to bring the resonance of Love into the world in a way that will empower the shift to the heart.

    This is the change from the perceptions of the ego mind and a world based on the belief in two powers, Love and something else. This change to the open heart of the perfect Love we are, to the pure expanding unity of the One Love I Am, brings you to the center, into the Vertical Life, into the experience of co-creation and the outreach of Love’s perfection as it lives your name.

    In this year, beloved ones, there is nothing more important than amplifying and multiplying this entraining power of Love, for it is the magnetic presence of the heart’s pure awareness of itself as the Love of All That Is, bringing the reality here and making it visible as the ego mind becomes the servant of the heart of Love you are.

    Using words like “you” and “I” and “we” can be deceiving but, dear ones, your hearts will show you that it is all one and the same. You drink from this cup of life and you are life itself. You are fully alive as the hologram and you are this perfect extended heart, ever giving more Love. When the heart takes precedence and you feel its divine resonance, every image of life flows forth beautifully through the open heart of Love to be expressed, beloved ones, in your service to the world, remembering that the purposes of Love may be served in ways that confound the mind and ego.

    So I Am asking you to make it a priority to become the heart of God fully experienced here in the world, in you, as you, through you, through the arc of your whole being, the expression of your consciousness that reaches from the pinnacle, from the Moment of Creation and the pure Love from which it springs…into the world in all of its expressions of life as duality.

    Hold the resonance of Love across this Arc and feel it, then every aspect of life in the world, the belief of being separate from Love, is brought back into harmony with the resonance of Real Love that you are as the heart of the wholeness.

    I encourage you to find your tools that will bring you into this resonance, that will bring you this expansion, this ecstasy and open up your consciousness to the meta-dimensional experience of pure divinity as you allow it to live you, step-by-step, in perfect communion with Me as the heart of Love in the world.

    Gather together in groups if you possibly can and simply share the resonance of the heart of Love together. Become Love’s presence. Open to be a conduit. Become the entraining heart that other hearts can then be drawn into their own experience of Real Love and presence and joy.

    To make the shift to the heart, to bring this world Home to Love, to fulfill the steps through linear time back to the surety that Love is the center and the truth of All That Is, is going to require all of you making sure that you can feel the experience of Love as the center of your being, as the vehicle through which you perceive your life and as that which informs your consciousness of every step Love wills you to take.

    Relinquishing the little self, the personality, the ego is easy, beloved ones, when the heart takes over. There are many ways to feel the resonance of the truly open heart of Love, and each of you may find your avenue differently. Yet what is always the same is the ecstasy of the experience, the vibrant life that is waiting for you the moment that you make the shift to the heart. Because the heart is magnetic and entrainment is very Real, the more you help each other, the more each one can experience this freedom.

    Beloved ones, you are whole and holy, limitless beings, ever and always expressing the perfection of Love as it expands itself in glory, infuses all Creation with this passionate commitment to outreach through expanding this Love, that I might know Myself in you, beloved ones, that you might be the aspect of the perfect heart of God. Because we are the miracle of “both/and,” we love each other exquisitely and we are the wholeness, the living breath of unity that sings in billions of voices, every one of which is yours to experience and to love.

    Our goal together, beloved ones, is to activate every heart in the world, to bring Love’s presence front and center, to light each life through the magnetic atomic power of pure Love, heart-to-heart. Ignition has occurred. Hearts are being activated and every heart is opening more to become the amplified entraining power of the fully conscious awakened heart of Love.

    I Am here always with you. And I Am the Will of Love guiding your every step. I Am Love’s precious countenance before you as every face and I Am this powerful reverence for every precious life. I Am here to show you what it means and how it feels to fully and perfectly love every precious human being in the world.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2006 Circle of Light

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